Monday, June 24, 2013

Swimming, Sprinklers, and Special Guests.

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Think I can get back to real blogging this week? I wouldn't count on it. Our summer has taken a MAJOR left turn (in a good way - and no, I'm not pregnant) and while this week may be okay, I bet I'm hit or miss for the remainder of the summer. I told Eddie my priority is to finish our Summer Goals list and he looked at me like I had two heads. What's wrong with him? It's important!!!

So Friday after Bible School Cacky came up to go to what James called his REAL last swimming lesson. He was panicking because he wasn't really interested in going at all and Eddie couldn't go so I had to call in reinforcement to take his mind off of it. He did AWESOME. He did cry a little bit, but he swam halfway across the pool unassisted (remember, this is survival swimming so he's stopping to float along the way and SWIMMING isn't the goal, survival is). We were impressed and it's obvious he's ready if he ever fell in the pool. Next summer (or maybe even later this summer? who knows...) he'll be doing lessons that focus more on technique. We need to do some practicing ourselves, first. We're not members of a pool here so we're not just poolside all day every day like some families. Aunt Leta's pool, we may be coming for you soon!

Saturday morning Eddie headed out to the yard and he (and sometimes James and Will) stayed there all day long. He went out at about 10AM and was finally finished when we threw steaks on the grill around 7:30. And he only got the front yard done! Can you tell we've been a bit thrown off by t-ball and LIFE in general? We've had so much rain lately (seriously, almost every day in June!) that things are growing like crazy. We're not's usually that we're SO dry...and we may be later in the summer!

{This little boy had FUN helping Daddy. We laugh all the time and say that James has a lot of "quit" in him (Ron White, anyone?). I feel like I can say that because he totally inherited that trait from me. I am notorious for starting something and not finishing and I have a lazy gene. I can nap on the couch all day long if no one makes me get up. But WILL apparently is a Fresh through-and-through and he thoroughly enjoyed helping Daddy rake and bag leaves on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, James and I were standing in the shade and talking about needing a water break.}

Saturday afternoon we turned on the sprinklers and let the boys go! And then we grilled steaks and had steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, {one} strawberry, and {one} tomato from our garden for supper! YUM. We were finished supper when we felt the first, fat raindrops hit so it was perfect timing. Little boys to the tub! Don't touch anything! (This is my nightly declaration. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! Will ate almost all of the mashed potatoes and both boys had popsicles. They were disgusting.)

Sunday morning we got up and went to church and Sunday School. I've enjoyed our new preacher a lot. He's a lot different from our last one, but they are both great!

After church we went home and tried to get the boys to take quick naps because Papa and YaYa were coming through on their way home from St. Simons. We had lunch with them (James picked Longhorn) and then came back to our house and played. We enjoyed a little Wii bowling and tennis. I got whooped by Dad (I think we all did, actually) every time I played. James and Will think Wii bowling is so funny. Will picked up the television remote to try to play yesterday. He mimics exactly what we do. Such a silly boy!

After Papa and YaYa left every boy in this house was asleep within five minutes. I am not kidding. And James slept so soundly in Will's Anywhere Chair that he had an accident. That hasn't happened in a LONG time. Someone was worn out. We had a quick supper and got some boys into the bed for real! (With diapers on!)

I was a sucker and watched that SkyWire show last night. Did y'all SEE that? That was worse than the man space jumping. I seriously couldn't watch it. Eddie watched and would say, "Oh my gosh! Look!" and I would glance up and go back to what I was doing. SO NERVOUS. And it was 23 minutes long! I couldn't walk on a high wire two feet above the ground for TWO minutes, much less one over the Grand Canyon for 23! Yikes. He was giving Jesus the glory, though. I liked that. I wonder if Discovery knew he'd be calling Jesus' name 700 times in 23 minutes when they booked him? 

Whew! So...our week is full again. We may have a playdate with some friends at the Splash Park if the rain will hold off. We have something at the library one afternoon. And I have 1,000,001 things to do around our house this week.

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