Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Last Game.

Baseball James {that's what he calls himself when he's dressed for baseball} had his very last t-ball game tonight. I have to say, we vote him as "most improved" on his team. This game and the one before {which was about a month ago because of rain and being out of town and Memorial Day}, he played GREAT. He paid attention, went after the ball, ran when he was asked to, and didn't try to entertain the crowd by being silly. DEFINITELY saw major improvements so it gives me high hopes for next year if he decides to play again.

Cacky, Grandmama, and Kelly came up to cheer him on. He was really excited about that. Each time he ran for first base he looked to see who was yelling for him.

The funniest thing was when I mentioned getting trophies on our way to the game. He IMMEDIATELY got upset and asked if the trophies would take the place of snacks. Even to the end, snacks were his favorite part!

Can't wait to see this boy try new things in the coming years!

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