Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rudolph, Tommy Turkey, and Sprinkler Fun!

We had a FUN Memorial Day weekend. We're so very thankful for all of the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. I have become so much more aware of the sacrifices that they and their families make since we've moved to a military town. We have so much to thank them for!

Our plans were to go to Lake Oconee on Saturday after James' t-ball game. We got an email on Friday night "reminding us that there was no game. Uhhh...reminder? Eddie and I must have missed the reminder. Anyway, we weren't thrilled that we'd missed the opportunity to leave an evening earlier, but we did load up and head out about four hours earlier than planned!

The first thing we saw when we arrived was this baby deer. We named him Lennox originally because he was hidden behind the air conditioner, but then James began calling him Rudolph. We were a little worried about Lennox Rudolph's mama and whether she had abandoned him. Dad actually called around a bit to try to find someone to rescue him but then I read that mother deer often leave babies all day in one spot. I wish my babies were this well-behaved! The good news is that when we went out on an evening boat ride she must have come to get him! He probably told her all about these scary humans who kept peeking out of the house to look at him!

James is all about Peter Pan these days. He was playing, "We're following the leader, the leader, the leader!"

We assume this was Mother Deer trying to rescue baby when we returned from our walk but we startled her and she fled before she got to Lennox Rudolph. Sorry, Mama! {And Anna, James has been shouting, "Mother! Mother" in a Bambi-esque style all weekend. Sorry 'bout that.}

On Sunday James tubed for the very first time! He loved it! I got so tickled at him. I'd wave and he didn't want to let go to wave back so he'd nod his head to acknowledge me. Ha!

Will was not a huge fan of the boat at first. I suppose on Sunday it didn't help that I'd gotten sunscreen in his eyes. #motheroftheyear He was perfectly happy to lay back and keep a hat over his face to block the sun and wind. He seriously rode like this almost every time and never moved. Even when he was awake!!!

Both boys liked driving the boat more than anything!

On Sunday night after dinner we bathed and got jammies on {and put a grumpy Will to bed!} and then headed out to the dock to shoot fireworks. Dad had sparklers and roman candles. We got tickled at James who, after it was all over asked, "Where are the fireworks?" HAHAHA! We had to explain that we're not allowed to do the BIG firework shows! {Please note, I have no clue how to photograph fireworks.}

On Monday we met Tommy Turkey. He was wild but had obviously been around humans before because he ran right up to us. We fed him a little bread {all that Will hadn't already eaten on the walk up} and Dad brought out the turkey call to see what he'd do. He wasn't the least bit interest in the hen Dad was mimicking.

After lunch we threw the boys in the car and headed home. Both slept the entire trip! Worn out!

When we got home I mentioned turning the sprinkler on in the backyard and James stripped down and found a bathing suit QUICKLY. We all put on our suits and headed out. The sprinkler was still a bit cold for my taste, but we did all run through it. Will wound up being a HUGE fan of the sprinkler so I see this in our future a LOT.

{I think someone needs a bigger slide! We think our yard may be too small for a swing set, but we're interested in a larger slide. I looked online and found one made by Little Tikes. Anyone want to recommend something?}

This morning Happy, Grumpy, and I went on our regular run. Whew! When you eat whatever you want for three days in a row running is hard! Ha! Also, we ran on garbage day before the trash trucks picked up and THAT was a unique experience. Blech. I was sucking wind and it stunk!

We have plans to head to the library this afternoon to return a few things and pick up a few new books. I'm betting we're twice-a-weekers before long since we have so much time to read now that it's SUMMER! {James keeps asking, "When is REAL summer? I want it to be summer for everybody!" I guess he means when do ALL the schools get out? I don't know.} James also has his very last t-ball game on Thursday night and is running with Grandmama in Loop the Lake on Saturday. I think this will be his third or fourth race with her. Enjoy your week!

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