Friday, May 17, 2013

Day Four: Magic Kingdom

On our last day (last Saturday) we spent our remaining time at Magic Kingdom again. I was so glad that I split this park into two days. It is just SO big and there's so much for little ones.

Some of us were a little sleepy. I don't think I mentioned it, but my usually-fantastic-sleeper was anything BUT on our trip. He wasn't cranky, he was just wound up and didn't want to sleep. He was hard to get to sleep since we were in the room with him so he only wanted to sleep WITH us. In a double bed. Yea! James came in to wake him up on Saturday morning since he was playing a little catch-up. James woke him and then asked if Will would pretend to wake HIM up. Ha!

We caught the Welcome Show on Saturday morning. If you arrive on time, they bring in a train with characters and a song or two before opening the park. It was fun to see!

We headed straight back to Fantasyland as soon as we arrived. As we passed the castle we found out that Merida was being crowned a princess but there was a little bit of a wait and James said he'd rather ride Dumbo so off we went! {I did get nerdy and find the coronation on YouTube later just to see!}

Next, we went in search of Minnie Mouse, whom we hadn't seen yet.

James LOVES Minnie. He says she's SO cute! She was precious. She played peek-a-boo with the boys  to try to get Will to warm up to her.

Then it was off to ride the Barnstormer again! {Lance came in on Friday night so he was James' ride buddy on Saturday.}

We headed to Tomorrowland next to ride Buzz Lightyear. 

The people on the ride actually gave us a whole package of this picture for free.

This of Mom and Sonny cracks me up! Mom WHOOPED everyone else with her score. And she said she didn't even realize she was supposed to be shooting until halfway through the ride. Ha!

We were surprised to SEE Buzz Lightyear right after we came out of the ride. James immediately jumped in line to meet him. He even got an anti-gravity STAMP in his autograph book.

After meeting Buzz we went to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. I have to say, this was the biggest waste of time of the day. The line wasn't long, but they make you wait for.e.ver. It was funny once we got in, but make sure you know that the wait is upwards of 15-20 minutes if a show is just starting. I think we wound up waiting through TWO shows - and they're 11 minutes each - even though the line didn't appear long.

As we stood in line I made a reservation on my phone for Liberty Tree Tavern. We met back up with Anna and Lance (they'd gone to ride Space Mountain) and headed that way. We arrived a little early so we passed the time by meeting Chip and Dale!

After lunch we walked down to Frontierland and that's about when our time was a big 'ol bust. We blamed Lance. We got to Splash Mountain and found out that James is 39.5 inches tall (you have to be 40 inches for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). We put Poppy, Cacky, James, and Will on the train, got Fast Passes for Splash Mountain for Lance, Anna, Eddie, and me, and set off to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...but it was broken down. So we headed over to ride Pirates of the Caribbean...but it was broken down. And then it was working again! But the wait was an hour. Anna and Lance headed off to ride Haunted Mansion (I don't think they ever got to because the line was awful) and Eddie and I met Mom and Sonny to help get everyone off the train. We grabbed seats for the parade and then it began to sprinkle...and rain...and pour. Ha! We were SOAKED. But we stood and watched the parade anyway. Finally, we decided we'd had about enough so we headed for the gates and left Anna and Lance to enjoy the afternoon.

Eddie and I hiked over to Downtown Disney with the boys for supper and to let James pick out a souvenir. We had fun but we were all WORN OUT.

Our one accident of the whole trip came the morning of Day Four. It involved this little bitty hand and the elevator door. James was so excited about the elevator. He wanted to push the buttons and would just buzz with excitement anytime we had to ride it. we were getting off to go to the bus James pushed the door with his hand and it got taken right into the sides with the door...and we couldn't get his finger OUT. It was REALLY scary, but I was fortunate to have been behind Sonny so I couldn't really see. It took Sonny, Eddie, and Lance all pushing and pulling to get his fingers out. When we got off we noticed that the fire alarm lights were going off and then later as we waited on our bus we saw a fire truck arrive. I KNOW they came because of James. I'm sure the door getting stuck triggered an alarm. He's fine. His finger is still pretty bruised, but he hasn't complained AT ALL about it since then. Baby fingers are resilient!

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