Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I still need to post pictures from our Spring Break beach trip, but I've flipped through these faster and wanted to go ahead and share. We went to the strawberry patch yesterday. It opened on Monday so we scooted down the road Tuesday to visit. We didn't go last year at all and it's the first year we'd missed since we moved here! 

James was THRILLED with the prospect of picking and was a great help. We had two buckets full in no time, he didn't eat them out of the field (they spray theirs), and he didn't squish any! Success!

After we picked we spent some time climbing on the tractors and playing on the playground. It was HOT yesterday so we didn't last long. We stopped by our house to refrigerate our berries and grab a water before running some errands!


Lauren said...

Cute! Wish we could have gone with you!!

Lynsey said...

What a fun little outing! And it's always nice when there are tractors for the boys to "drive".