Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ladies' Night, Baseball Game, Gardening, and a Birthday Party.

Man, we had another fun weekend! The pass way too quickly, but they are so much fun!

Friday night I hosted a Stella and Dot Trunk Show for my sweet friend, Lauren. She's been a stylist for a year and a half now and we'd done a joint party before back when I was still with Willow House but this was the first time I'd really hosted a party. It was SO much fun! Only a few friends were able to get out and stop by but we had a LOT of fun visiting. James, Eddie, and Will actually found out where one of the husbands and his sons would be eating dinner and they went and ate with them and then everyone came back to our house to play in the backyard. Lots of fun! Lauren will leave my trunk show open for a few more days in case you'd care to place an order. Lauren will donate 15% of her commission and I'll match it to go to Special Olympics. Great time to order if you've been wanting something! (Teacher gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts!)

On Saturday Poppy and Cacky came up for lunch and to watch James' t-ball game. THANKFULLY, this was our best game of the season. BIG sigh of relief. :) He behaved well enough to get rewarded with a milkshake from Chick-fil-A and a little time on the play place afterwards. (By the way, my child is TERRIFIED of that thing. We were thrilled that he made it to the top this weekend. He didn't slide, just backed himself back down, but he made it to the top. Have you met Will? He would have climbed up and gone down the slide ten times Saturday if we'd let him.)

James got to hit the HOMERUN the first inning. His first base coach, aka Daddy, was encouraging him to keep running! Thankfully, he actually did RUN instead of walk or skip or crawl like he's often inclined to do.

Wooohooo! Homerun!

Daddy gave a little encouragement in the field, too...to stand up.

Hustle! James is number 8 taking off to the outfield...AFTER A BALL! Not just being a nut!

Even the best-behaved children have to have a little fun. He ran with his hat over his face from second to third and then home.

More hustle!

After the game and naps we went to Lowe's to finish getting what we needed for our garden. James is SO excited about it!

On Sunday after church, lunch, and naps we went to Tifton (secretly...my mama might be furious!) for Grayson Anne's birthday party. The party was supposed to last from 3:30 to 5 and we stayed until after 8. We had an impromptu dinner club after the other guests left (we missed the Bargerons...they went home because Chuck had just gotten back into town) and had so much fun visiting.

I love these babies! Missing the Bargerons and added in a friend from the party.

Mrs. Shelley is DAYS away from having a new baby girl. One of the kids at the party looked at her and said, "I think she might be having another baby." Ha! It was a sweeter comment than someone else (one of her family members, NOT someone at the party) gave her when they said she looks, "Tremendous." I think I might have slapped that lady.

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The Morrows said...

So fun! Can't wait to see my little one play tball!