Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Mama...

Whew! I have been busy! And when I say "I" have been busy, I mean WITHOUT my kids. James has a WAY busier social life than Eddie and I do. WAY busier. If he isn't at school he's running between grandparents' houses or is at the library or some other activity or event that seems to fill up our calendar. But this weekend - I was busy. Poor Eddie.

Thursday night was Book Club. It was small - only four of us there - and we talked about The Book Thief by Mark Zusak. I hadn't finished so they sort of tiptoed around the end (I wish they hadn't! It was my own fault!), but we enjoyed the dessert and visiting - so much so that I didn't get home until 11:30! I recommend this book! It was really, really good. A little weird to begin with, but once you figure out the narrator, it's great!

Friday was pretty normal - school and errands. I did wind up taking Will to the doctor (both boys have had what I thought was a cold for almost three weeks). I wanted something for his cough but it turned out that he had an ear infection. We're on our third round of antibiotics since January. Apparently, as long as his ears are clearing up after the infection we'll steer clear of tubes for now. Will looked so big to me in his fleece, jeans, and tennis shoes! He enjoyed playing in James' room while he was at school. That kid loves his brother's toys!

Friday night I went to Lauren's house for our first Pinterest Club. We made CUTE wreaths. I'll post a picture soon. Click over to her blog - there are lots of pictures at the bottom of the post. We had the MOST fun. I sat at a table with three girls I didn't know but everyone was so sweet! We had a fun time chatting. I can't wait for the next one!

On Saturday Papa and YaYa came for a visit. We had Mexican for lunch and played for a bit at our house before they took our big boy and headed back to Roswell with him. Dad's birthday was yesterday so James went to help celebrate. We often have MAJOR issues surrounding grandparent spend-the-nights. James doesn't behave when he returns home (I told my dad it's like I have RUINED HIS LIFE!) and it's just miserable. So I made him work for it this week. He had a behavior chart and had to earn 22 stars for various things (no timeouts, no getting out of bed at naptime, etc.) this week in order to go. I am happy to say that he worked SO hard to behave all week. We'll be doing this again for a while. He's been giving me a run for my money lately.

James has had a fun time this weekend. I've gotten texts, calls, and pictures (none from James who is pretending he doesn't know us) about riding the carousel and train at the mall, going bowling, making treats for Papa, riding the tractor, etc., etc.

We didn't do anything on Saturday evening. Will was up a bit Saturday night/Sunday morning and we knew we couldn't take him to church anyway so we all slept until 10. WOW. That was nice.

I had a meeting at church on Sunday afternoon so I left the boys to run up there and when I got back we went to dinner at Outback and ran a few errands. We kept commenting on how EASY it was to get out and about with one. Ha! James is actually really easy to take places now (for the most part), but one kid was just a big change.

We have missed our big boy this weekend, but we did enjoy the quiet time we had just with Will! Looking forward to getting James back today and going to his FIRST tee-ball practice. You'd better believe I'll be posting pictures of that soon.

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