Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A List.

Between now and mid-April - heck, all the way to JUNE - we have something going on every. single. day. Not just little normal somethings but a lot of time carting children to and from out-of-town doctors appointments, heading to the beach, parties at school, parties at church, meetings, obligations, blah, blah, blah. I'm feeling the pressure of getting it all done for the next little bit so for today here's a list of thoughts:

1. James' baby, whose official name is now Lawnmower Lawson Water, is still in his tummy. He's changed her due-date to Sunday now, though. I suppose he wants to wait until after the egg hunt and the Easter Bunny.

2. We skipped church last Sunday. It was storming outside when it was time to get up and I have a problem showering when there's lightening popping all around. Normally, this isn't a huge deal. You know what changes that? When your kid says, "I'm really upset that we didn't go to church. I love the singing and the praying!" Y'all. I can't even. No more skipping...I'll just go as I am!

3. Eddie is off on Friday (although I've heard a rumor he'll be working!) and has scheduled Scout's yearly physical (ha!) that afternoon. James is way, WAY too excited about being able to tag along. He keeps asking if it's Friday yet.

4. One of my best buds, Fake Aunt Lib, sent Will the most hilarious birthday gift ever. I have yet to get a picture of Will in it, but it will happen soon. For James' birthday she sent him a "Fresh Prince" t-shirt. (Fresh is our for-real last name in case you weren't sure.)


5. Do you know what's good motivation to lose weight and exercise? Well, I'll tell you. Five year anniversary trip. Being a bridesmaid in a wedding (Fake Aunt Lib is gettin' hitched!). Turning 30. All in the same year. Holy moly, put down the Easter candy!

6. I went to look at James' school pictures today. We had Will's one-years taken in February, then the cute little pond pics I won (but bought a few of) a few weeks ago, and then baseball pics (bought the smallest package), and now school pics. I was SO set up for not buying any (many) school pics just because ick AND the smallest package is $36. THIRTY-SIX AMERICAN DOLLARS. For school pictures. And y'all, I went to look at them today and they are the most precious things ever. I called Eddie to ask where our checkbook is and told him when he answered the phone that, "I have horrible news to share with you." Horrible, because I'm about to drop $400 on school pictures. I was so hoping they'd be hideous. Happy Mother's Day, grandmas! Ha!

7. I had to order a portable DVD cord today. Just the cord. This is the second time we've lost one. I think I'll find them one day with all the socks that I haven't been able to find over the years.

8. Will is still not walking or talking for anyone who is keeping score. He has until the end of the first week of April to beat James. I think he's not too worried about it. And neither am I. He sleeps and that is what's important to me. He does say a few words, but he has to have a few more before his 15-month checkup in May. And no, I don't think there's anything wrong with his ears. I do believe he has a case of the my-brother-never-stops-talking-and-brings-me-everything-I-needs.

9. I'm hoping to take a huge stack of books with me on a trip we're going on soon. And I hope that I'll read a bunch of them instead of none of them. A few that have been sitting on my nightstand for quite some time. Maybe 12 hours in the car will be a good time to read.

10. I made this meal this week and it was fantastic. SO good. Eddie loved it. Too spicy for James, but he likes plain noodles anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

That's all for now! Millions of things on the to-do list and not much time to get them done!


The Morrows said...

I am with you! just looking at my calendar makes me tired. Right when I think things will be slowing down, I realize there is no end to the busy weeks.
At least we both have beach trips on our summer calendar to look forward to :)

Lynsey said...

School pictures always suck me in! Heck pictures in general suck me in. We made the spicy pasta and loved it also.