Sunday, February 17, 2013

Will's 1st Birthday! Party Decor...

We were THRILLED to have most of our favorite people join us this weekend for Will's birthday party. There were a few who weren't in attendance but we had the most fun!

I thought I'd just share the decorations today. Nothing fancy this year. Almost everything was a leftover from James' first birthday party. The invitations were sort of a red/blue/green theme but when I opened the birthday decoration tub(s) from the attic I found mostly red/blue/yellow, so I went with it.

The celebrate sign has been used three times now! A friend made it for us a few years ago. All of the lanterns were borrowed from a family friend. The WILL train was made to match Will's room - bought by Grandmama, painted by a teacher friend of ours. Mom had the Coke crate at her house. Some of my favorite things were the favors! I wrapped a conductor's (engineer's?) hat and a train whistle in a bandana. My out-of-town friends were thankful for those whistles, I'm sure. The other favors were cookies that Eddie and I made the night before. Holy moly at the drama. They're not normally difficult but we could NOT get the icing to work right. At least they were tasty.

John and Kayla made the chalkboard for me at Christmas. I thought Platform "1" would be cute since Will turned 1. Eddie didn't get it at all. So then I worried that 
no one got it. Ha!

This train stays in Will's room usually. It belonged to Eddie's great uncle.

Nancy made our cake again this year! I tried my hand at it for James' last birthday party and quickly asked if she'd be interested in doing it again. (FOREVER.) I LOVED it. The track is made of Oreo bars (the dipping kind), Oreo sprinkles, and Hershey's chocolate rope (it's not licorice but looks like it). The "smoke" is popcorn. The wheels on the engine and cars are Oreos. The cars have Skittles, animal crackers, and pretzels in them. It was PRECIOUS.

I ordered the "Choo! Choo! Thank you!" stickers from Shutterfly.

I didn't put much time into this one (especially not compared to some of the ones in the past!) but I LOVE how it turned out!!!

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jgaskin said...

Precious! That cake was amazing!!! Too cute:)