Sunday, February 24, 2013

Howdy, Ma'am!

We went on a date with the big boy on Friday night to the rodeo! We don't often get time with just the big one, so we thought this sounded like lots of fun. We'd originally planned to go on Thursday night (general admission = cheaper in case he didn't last through the whole thing) but then Eddie "won" tickets at his office so we wound up using those on Friday. When you're a rodeo sponsor, you get GOOD seats. We were right in the middle in the second row. Yeehaw!

I thought we might not make it out the door. James has not felt good at all this week. In fact, I'm planning to call Dr. W. first thing Monday morning to get his ears checked out. He's just been off. When we started to leave the house right around 7pm he just fell apart. He wanted a cough drop and wouldn't take no for an answer. {Seriously. A cough drop. He's never even had one before.} Thankfully, we set off on our adventure and that was the ONLY moment of ugliness.

We walked in right as the National Anthem was sung. I got SO tickled at James who asked, "Is that Carrie Underwood singing?" It was not, but I'm sure the girl would have been pleased to hear THAT compliment!

Other favorites included SEEING ANNA AND MEMO. {Memo is Lance, by the way. And James pronounces it Mee-mo, rhymes with Nemo.} He also thought the clown was hysterical, the ponies were great, and the bull riding was mine and Eddie's favorite.

There were two ponies for entertainment in the interim. His favorite was the clown's pony, Hershey. He DROVE A CAR. James thought it was hysterical and could not figure out HOW that pony was driving a car. It was SO fun to watch James watch. (Either the car was remote controlled or there was someone in the car driving because it chased the clown around the arena.)

I got tickled at James because he traded seats with Eddie and sat next to some college guys and struck up a conversation with them. He was very interested in what the guy next to him was eating (boiled peanuts...bless his heart he has no idea what they are! deprived little Southern child!), what the guy's name was, etc., etc. He kept guy entertained!

We had the MOST fun on our date with the big kid. Hope we can do it again soon!

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Lauren said...

Where is Eddie's cowboy hat!?!?!