Thursday, February 28, 2013

Belly Button to the Plate, Turn Your Foot, Swing!

James is signed up for t-ball this year. T-BALL. I was hoping it wouldn't be a huge deal (we live in a community where it is a HUGE deal), but seeing as he's already had private lessons he's decided it's a huge deal.

We couldn't go to church on Sunday because we have two sickly kiddos, but the weather was FANTASTIC, so after our bacon-and-eggs breakfast (we eat better breakfast when Dad's around to cook it!) we went on a walk and then James wanted to practice his t-ball.

We have a righty thrower and a lefty batter it seems. His softball-coaching Grandmama is thrilled about this, of course. I think there was a little concern that he might be a lefty all around (I'm left handed and so is my dad but we both play sports right handed - although Eddie's family will tell you that I use the term "play" loosely to describe what I do/did!), but thankfully he's a lefty in JUST the right places. Ha! 

He told me Sunday morning that when you bat you point your belly button at the plate, turn your foot, and SWING! He practiced that for a few minutes before he was bored and wanted to play catch and then he was bored with all of it. He has inherited my easily-bored-turns-lazy gene, obviously. After a few minutes he was DONE. But we were okay with that. Remember, t-ball isn't a huge deal.

He has his shiny new cleats (thanks, Grandmama!), he's had his first lesson with Nancy (and has requested another!), he has a new bat, a tee, and a bucket of balls. He's had his glove since he was about two months old. Y'all, this is serious business.

Now we're just awaiting the roster and schedule and we'll be a full-fledged t-ball family!

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