Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

January is FULL of birthdays for our family. Anna's is the 4th, Poppy's is the 14th, and John's is the 26th! We went to Tifton yesterday for some special birthday celebrating. Anna's was last Friday and we missed it, but took her a gift yesterday. Poppy has a BIG birthday on Monday. Mom blew the surprise for him last week, but I think he was happy to have us there nevertheless. ;) I laughed and said he had a little boy's birthday because we had pizza for lunch, went to the Agrirama after cake, James picked out bubbles to give to him, and he took a nap in the downtime of the afternoon. Ha!

When we got to Tifton, Cacky was finishing up Poppy's pound cake. I thought it was hilarious that James couldn't understand why Poppy wasn't having a BIRTHDAY cake. Why would anyone want a pound cake instead of a real, iced birthday cake? He didn't complain when he was eating it, though! He helped make it, too!

The cake went into the oven and we ordered pizza for lunch. As soon as the cake was cool enough to cut, that's exactly what we did! 

After lunch and cake we headed out to the Agrirama (the Georgia Museum of Agriculture for those of you've seen it on I-75 on your way to Florida!). They were making cane syrup yesterday and we arrived just in time to see them pour it off. It smelled fantastic! The train was the hit of the day but the whistle was LOUD. James got to pull the whistle and even doing it himself it scared him. Will got so scared that he poked out his lip and wailed. They both quickly got used to bracing themselves for it.

Looking at the cotton. I'm proud to say that James can identify cotton in a field. We're working on other crops, too. Ha! Welcome to rural Georgia, folks!

In the Grist Mill, James got to help turn the wheel to start the water and make grits!

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing at Grandmama's house, but I didn't take the first picture! James pulled out every toy and every ball she had. Even Will enjoyed playing outside.

Later, we headed back to Cacky and Poppy's for birthday dinner. We went to Hawkeye's, a restaurant Eddie and I don't think we'd been to since before we were married. And I don't know why not! It was fantastic! I think we'll go back soon!

We left James at Poppy and Cacky's to spend the night (and he's decided he's staying for FOUR nights...I think Cacky will run out of energy before then!) and we headed home. We missed our big boy but we know he's having fun.

Will fell asleep in Grandmama's driveway while we were picking up Scout. It was around 9:15 when he fell asleep. When we got home I woke him up and fed him and put him back down within about 20 minutes. That kid slept until 10:30 this morning without waking up ONCE. He was exhausted! Let's do that EVERY day! Ha!

Happy Birthday, Poppy! Enjoy your day!

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