Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mac Love.

This post is coming to you live from this sweet thing:

Ain't she purty? (Anna if you look closely, you'll be mortified. That picture won't make it's way to the old blog ANY larger than what you can currently see. Pinky swear.)

Because I have this fancy new setup (apparently there are blog-loving members of my family who heard my cries of despair over the slow death of my other computer - thanks, Dad and Laura!) I will finally be able to complete our year! Santa, other stuff from last week, and the grand finale of our FIVE Christmas celebrations (only five that included gifts...there were really more than five!) will make it's way here to you in the next day or two. Promise!

We have some very, VERY low-key plans with James' favorite girlfriend and her family tomorrow night but I am betting that Eddie and I aren't awake to ring in the new year. 2012 was full of excitement! We're tired!


Anna Catherine said...

Haha! It might not be the prettiest yoga pose, but at least I can do it successfully!

Lauren said...

YAY for your new comp!!! :D :D :D