Friday, December 14, 2012

Date Night!

Mr. CT3 had a birthday this weekend so we joined the Train family and some of their friends for a little celebration at a restaurant last Saturday night. After all was said and done we think that the waitresses were VERY pleased to see us leave. Especially my children. I was told a few times that my kids were blocking the aisle and while I realize that we were squeezed in there, there was not much I could do. After the other friends left, we moved ourselves out onto the patio to give James and Anne Margaret a little running around room. A teenage couple was sitting on a bench and when they left I jokingly called it the "date seat." Well, James and Anne Margaret decided that's where they should sit. They're seriously hilarious together. Anne Margaret bosses James around until he gets tired of it and just stops listening, but they play well together and have a GREAT time. They're grainy cellphone pictures, but we'll enjoy these pictures in the future for sure!

PS - James has FOUR girlfriends: Anne Margaret, Mary Charles, Lila Grace, and Taylor. But Anne Margaret is his favorite. ;)


Lauren said...

Four girlfriends?? I thought it was only three. I hope that boy for real has lots of money! ;)

Anna Catherine said...

What! He added another one! She won't last long, because she doesn't have a double name like the other three! haha