Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Posts of Christmas...Visiting Santa

This was our fourth year of visiting Santa. James went for the first time before he was two months old. We've always gone to Bass Pro Shop and have always been impressed with how quick and courteous everyone is - and it's FREE and they allow me to take my own pictures. We love it. I was slightly disappointed this year when we got close enough to see that it was not the same Santa this year, but James had no idea. It was more of just a "tradition" for me. Eddie asked who we did it for.'s always for the parents, right? ;)

Shockingly, Will LOVED Santa and thought it was funny! James, however, was not as thrilled to sit in Santa's lap. He has talked and talked about going to see Santa and he froze when the time came to go see him. Eddie had to walk up there and convince him to tell Santa what he wants. If you're curious, he wants "The Jake Pirate Ship {he has a pirate ship}, tools {okay}, and a scooter for himself and Will {he has about 100 ride-on toys}." We've talked up a few other things that we think Santa might be interested in. I certainly hope his dreams aren't crushed when he doesn't see that pirate ship but I can't convince myself that $50 for a pirate ship that's almost identical to one he never plays with would be worth it. :)

Other visits with Santa:

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