Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 Posts of Christmas...Christmas Clothes!

This one is just a little bit silly, perhaps. Eddie would likely tell you that's it's just totally unnecessary  BUT. I have had the most fun this year matching the boys in Christmas clothes! Ha! I thought I'd share some pictures just for fun! (This is not even all of them for Will. Someone gave us hand-me-downs with TONS of Christmas for him!)

Mickey with Christmas Tree - from Old Navy

Reindeer from Ditsy Daisy Boutique (Facebook)

Will's stripes are from Old Navy; James' shirt is Kelly's Kids from last year. I love getting two years from one shirt!

Snowmen from a local boutique here.

Reindeer Hoodie from Old Navy. Y'all. This is the most precious thing EVER. I thought I'd get it and he'd wear it every day and it's been too hot here! Any time it's dropped below 70* I make him wear it. I'm kidding! Kind of. :)