Thursday, October 18, 2012

Will at 8 Months...

I'm almost a week late on this, but here it is anyway!

 * How is it possible that Will is EIGHT months old?

* Will is 19.2 pounds. He was 19 pounds at 6 months and 21 pounds at 7 months. Apparently, he's leveling off big time! James lost weight at 8 months, too. I grow big babies the first few months and then they start to look normal-sized (or small! James is actually one of the shorter ones in his class and among other kids we've been around recently!).

* I have no official length but he was 27.25 inches at six months. I don't think he's gotten much taller. He's still wearing some 6-9 month clothes and a lot of 12 month clothes. I think his legs must be longer than James'. James' big problem is pants...his legs are so short that he can comfortably wear a 4T top but he's still in lots of 2T bottoms. We put Will in a pair of jammies the other day that James wore until he was about 18-20 months old. :)

* He's sleeping a little better than in the past, but I'm still pretty often either feeding him at midnight or in the middle of the night. We had a good stretch where he slept ALL night for about a week but no more. He naps (usually) once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Today he had a LONG four hour nap after being at church all morning.

* He's still in a size 3 diaper!

* He nurses every three hours during the day. We try to do babyfood twice a day but it's such a mess that I often just opt for dinnertime.

* He takes a paci when he's fussy and sleepy.

* He's a tummy sleeper. COMPLETE tummy sleeper. When I feed him at night and lay him down he flips immediately and tucks his feet underneath him.

Will at the top, James at the bottom:

* He sleeps with a wubbie but doesn't need it like James did (does).

* He's a HAPPY boy...unless he's not. Ha! He's generally very easy going but if he DOES get mad, watch out. Eddie says that's me, I say it's him. Maybe it's both of us? James and I were playing blocks yesterday and we were building towers. Will came crawling over to knock a tower down and James got to it first. I kid you not, he THREW himself onto the floor and PITCHED A FIT. Out of pure anger! It was hysterical. (Remind me of that when he's 18 months...) I explained to James that we needed to take turns and that Will didn't understand. Still, TOO funny.

* He does NOT like to shop like James did. I could get out and go all day with James but not Will. He's had it after just a bit.

* He still only has two teeth. James had five by now!

* Will does NOT enjoy being restrained. He pitches fits during diaper and clothing changes and HATES to be buckled up. He doesn't mind RIDING, just the buckling part.

* Still loves a bath!

* He's a GREAT crawler. He does drag his right leg some so I'll ask about it next month but I think it's just not completely strong yet.

* He's not the ham that James was. He's a watcher and he's a little shy.

* He loves to give kisses!

Above is a bad picture but it's his "squealing" face. He SCREAMS with delight all the time!

I really LOVE this age right now. He's a lot of fun and playing more but will still snuggle and take lonnnng naps!

That's all I've got for this week, folks! I am worn slap out from birthday party planning but I must press on! ;) I hope there are enough hours in today and tomorrow to finish what I need to!

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