Monday, October 29, 2012

Hodge Podge of Lately...

Yowza! The days and weeks fly by so much faster when you have two kids at home. I swear the minutes creep by from about 3-6PM every day, but I could NOT believe it was Friday last seemed like the week had just started. And it's almost NOVEMBER?!? What?

Anyway, here's what our weekend consisted of...

More bathtime with both boys! Will LOVES the big tub.

I think I impressed the Facebooks the other day when I posted this one. James insisted we pose like this before I read library books to them. He is a nut. He is literally either being a clown or getting into trouble. I have my work cut out for me in later years.

:) Not my favorite thing that's ever happened. Boys have been banned from climbing in my house. At least that's not a broken bone.

Picnic in the car! James LOVES to do this if Daddy isn't coming home for lunch.

This is only going to be funny to my family. That bag is approximately 20 years old. It was our back-and-forth bag for weekends we spent with my dad. Mom has kept it and has JUST stopped using it as her beach bag. Ha! I mentioned that it had originally belonged to me but had been STOLEN so she gifted it to me. HA! They thought it was funny, but I loaded it up with all of our Halloween stuff last night on our way to Trunk or Treat. It's HUGE and the perfect bag. If only it wasn't so dirty.

Watch the progression below as Dragon Will tries to overtake Sir James.

Nursery buddies James and Mary Charles.

After we got home I watched a little Punkin' Chunkin' with this kiddo before bed. Fun times!

This morning we went to the library for story time, we went to vote (or as James said, "We went boting!"), had lunch out with Daddy, and then had a SUPER SURPRISE VISIT from Fake Aunt Lib. Good day indeed!


Cristin said...


I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award. Check out my post from today.

pcb said...

Wood glue and clamps are going to be your friend as the boys continue their wild and wooly ways. Ask me how I know!