Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend...

This weekend was our first home with "nothing" to do in a while! July and August were SO busy for us and I'm ready for a slower pace. Of course, that probably won't happen (we already have plans EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. in October!), but I can dream, right?

On Friday night the Trains invited us to go to Monkey Joe's and out to eat with them. I loaded the kiddos up around 4:40 and met them at Monkey Joe's. Last time we went was in March or April and James didn't act great while we were there. I thought surely he would LOVE to jump and play with Anne Margaret. Wrong. Poor Mr. CT3! I chased James, he chased James, I chased James, he chased James. Finally, Eddie arrived and we let him chase James. Know what it boils down to? James is a big 'ol chicken. That boy is scared of those bouncies so he just goes beserk and runs around and sits on all the things that require quarters and pitches fits when you suggest that he go and jump. It might be a while before we go back there. I'm not sure if it's just not enjoying them or if he seriously got his daddy's fear of heights or his mama's scared-of-everything mentality or what, but he seriously doesn't like them! Oh well.

By the time we went to dinner I think all the kids were over it. All of us made various trips to the bathroom (Anne Margaret AND James are potty training...and if you know anything about potty training children you know that if one kid goes or mentions going {AM} the other kid "needs" to go, too {James}) and not much chatting went on. Oh well! It was fun anyway!

Saturday Eddie spent almost the entire day outside. He started around lunch and came back in at dark thirty. Poor guy! We were out of town last weekend and the week before was when Isaac hovered over the state of Georgia (and everywhere else, I know) and poured buckets. James is not a fan of daddy being home but unavailable (thank heavens Eddie doesn't work at home!) so our day inside left me with a few gray hairs, I think. Whew! That boy!

We watched a fun UGA game on tv after the little boys went to bed. They had me a teensy bit worried! Funny story, at the end of the game Eddie was dozing and I nudged him and asked who he picked to win. He said, "Umm...Alabama." Well yes, I know you picked Alabama in their game, but what about between Georgia and Mizzou? I thought I'd misunderstood so I asked again and he answered, "Alabama," again! I started laughing and laughing which "woke" him up and he realized what he'd said. I could write a book with all of the hilarious things he's said in his sleep.

Sunday the big boys went to church. I have the beginnings of a cold or sinus infection or some kind of other yuck so I slept until they were headed out the door. We spent the entire afternoon being absolutely too lazy (football season, welcome!). James took a pretty short nap after church and around 5 o'clock he started telling me that his tummy hurt. I convinced him to stay home with me instead of going to Publix with Eddie (seriously, his concern was that he wouldn't be able to pick out cookies!). After Eddie had been gone a bit I went to check on James and he told me that he felt bad because, "I didn't take a good enough nap." Amen, brother! That's why I hate it when you jump out of bed before you're fully awake! Makes for a long day for all of us! Hopefully he's beginning to understand that.

We are SO busy this week. Today is our only "nothing" day and it's full with cleaning, laundry, and a trip to Target for a list of things. We're traveling one day this week to visit my all-my-life friend and college roommate, Mary Beth. Excited for that! Then James has two days of school, I'm hosting book club, and the boys are headed to church one night for a play {Eddie will be seeing the play, the boys will just be playing in the nursery!}. Busy week, but lots of fun!

It was so pretty on our walk this morning! 5K for the first time since at least early June. Whew! Whooped my booty.

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