Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cough, Cough, Sniff, Sniff...

Those are the sounds heard at our house lately. I started with this cold, James got it, Will got it, and it's back to me! :) Hopefully we'll kick it soon. Do y'all think we're sick ALL the time? I texted my Bible Study leader last week to tell her we'd be out and she responded that she remembers when they went through that season of their lives. Hopefully it is, indeed, just a season and once these boys are bigger their immune systems will be nice and strong!

So what did we do? Lots of lounging...

(Let me start by apologizing for the lack of pictures of James. He and Daddy had good one-on-one time this weekend, I guess...Sorry!)

Thursday night we had a Sloppy Joe Showdown at our house. :) We don't typically care one bit if James eats one bite or everything on his plate. We just don't make a big deal out of it. The kitchen closes after dinner and there are NO sweets, but he's welcome to eat as much or as little as he wants. That said, when you argue with me and tell me that YES you do want an entire sloppy joe instead of sharing one with Daddy (and then later turn Daddy down when he asks to have the other half), you're going to eat every bite. James sat at the table until 9pm on Thursday night. At 9 pm we put an entire HALF into the fridge for his lunch on Friday (which he did eat) and because he didn't finish the other half of it, he didn't get tv or iPad privileges on Friday. That sounds horrible that THAT is what we took from him, but it's a huge deal. Take the kid's toys away, but NOT THE TELEVISION. Apparently, we've watched entirely too much recently.

Friday, when I dropped James off at school I ran to find that kid some shoes. I went back to the shoe store for the third time and the guy working (I guess the manager?) told me that the ones I'd been looking at were no longer made so THAT'S why they weren't being restocked. Would've helped if the other employee had mentioned that last time! He ordered a pair for me, though, so by Friday hopefully we'll be out of the summer shoes! I found the ones below while I was waiting. I normally think that Crocs are just for little boys, but these are kinda cute! Ha!

Friday night was exciting! ;) We stayed in and had Mexican. I got a few things done for The Boy's birthday party. My "simple" party is turning into not-so-simple. I need a party planner to help!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling not-great. The boys all let me sleep late. I am so thankful for Eddie. That man is so good at home. He is such a blessing. And not just because he allows me to sleep late!

The big boys went in search of tires for Eddie's truck and Will and I stayed home. 

The mover and shaker figured out how to get UNDER the jumpy, but couldn't get out! He got a bit upset about not being able to climb back over that bar. Ha!

He and I had "coffee" together.

If you're really wondering, yes - I'm still exclusively nursing. But little man has had a cough and chokes and chokes when I try to feed him. I thought a bottle might help, but it didn't. He took three on Saturday and then I just gave up.

Then he crashed in his pack 'n play! Whoops! Had no idea he was ready for a nap!

I needed a shower on Saturday afternoon and Eddie was busy outside so I jokingly put Will in James' carseat in the hallway and told Eddie he'd be there. Ha! I didn't leave him!

But seriously, if I'm not watching he's into everything! And if he's not, James is! I have my work cut out for me! (But could you not just eat those thighs right up???)

Saturday evening Poppy and Cacky came up for us to go out to dinner. It was a quick date for dinner, but we had fun!

The first place we went ignored us for a grand total of 15 minutes after we'd been seated before we left. The restaurant wasn't full. We were one table out of about eight. AND the hostesses thanked us for coming when we left. *Sigh* We'd heard such good places about the place that we were very disappointed. We wound up at Outback instead and it was great! And then we went to WalMart. Exciting, huh?

We came home and watched lots and lots of football while I moaned and groaned on the couch because I felt awful.

Sunday we didn't go to church. I felt worse and worse and worse through the night. It's so much fun to be sick and have sick little ones. Thankful Eddie stepped in!

Instead, we tried on Will's Halloween costume! {Please excuse what looks like a gigantic mess in the background. We were putting clothes away and that huge bag is returns. Ha!}

Poor Will got his first major boo-boo this weekend. On Saturday afternoon Big Brother had had enough of Will crawling and getting lots of attention {I guess} and shoved him so he fell over into Eddie's bedside table. Talk about screaming afterwards. We weren't even sure how bad it was until today when these bruises showed up. At first, James wasn't sorry he'd done it. I think today he felt pretty bad when he realized how his head looked and that he'd caused it. I know it's just the beginning, but it made me sad.

Despite his injuries, he was a happy camper this afternoon!

I've spent the evening experimenting on James' birthday cake. The first round didn't go great but I hope I've figured out how I can fix it. Or I might sign up for a Michael's cake decorating class in October. It will meet three times before James' birthday. That's good enough, right? {Lauren Train, I'm looking at YOU! Sign up with me!}

Hopefully we're all well this week and life can resume!


Lauren said...

ha! when is the class!?

Cristin said...

I took classes at Michael's. I did the first 2 courses and would like to do all 4. (Each course being 4 classes.) I had so much fun and have made both boys' birthday cakes this year and actually have my first customer next month.