Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will's Nursery...

Will's room is still a bit incomplete. I've been working on finishing it (and for the most part, it is) but I haven't gotten everything just right. I'll do my best to share what else I want to do and where we purchased everything...if I can remember to do so. All of these were taken on my iPhone so they're not the best quality. Maybe one day I'll take real pictures. :)

I didn't have a "theme" in mind when I went to work. I'd thought about doing cowboys and then threw out that idea because I didn't want it to be "Whoa...cowboys" every time I walked in. Like walking into Longhorn. No, thanks. (Although, I may do cowboys in the future because I recently came across a really, really tasteful way to do it without it being overwhelming. Boy #3? Ha. Boys together or in a future playroom probably.) I had the train and knew I liked it. I knew I liked navy and white but didn't really want to do nautical. So then I just started trying to piece things together. I guess if it has any "theme" at all I've been leaning toward/looking for vintage transportation things. Cars, trucks, trains, planes. But there's not much of that.

Train - Hand-me-down from Eddie's uncle. I have no idea how old it is. I plan to hang a few pictures above this - but it may be after I stop using this as a changing area. I have two pictures of trains/depots in Conway, South Carolina, where Eddie's parents lived/grew up.

Frame - Target.
Family photo - Anna Daniels Photography

You can barely see the curtains here but they're just plain navy panels from Pottery Barn Kids.

Wooden letters from WoodenLetters.Net. I've used Sean for letters several times and they're pretty great. I even returned some from James' room and they were great about it. (They gave me a credit to use to buy letters I wanted.)
My friend, Dianne Coates, painted them for me. She did James' as well. You can see those here. (I know I did a nursery post for James but I can't find it now. That's the basic look from when James was in the nursery, though. If I can find the other post I'll link it.)

Chair - Making Room for Baby, Albany, Georgia.
Pillow - I bought this from GroopDealz...I think. It looks like there's one on there today.

This area needs the most work. I'm always adding new books but I'd like to get rid of all the pregnancy, etc. books and keep adding kids' books. And it needs a few more pictures.
Shelf - Target.
Baskets - Target.
Truck - :) Came from a floral arrangement I got when James was born. Funny, huh? The flowers were stuck down in the bed of the truck.

Frame - Both boys have these. My mother-in-law got them from a seller at (I think) the Calico Arts Festival in Moultrie, Georgia.

Stool - painted by the boys' Fake Aunt Lib. :) James uses this daily. His own and Will's!

Toy Basket - Target.

Rocking Horse - Made for me as a gift before I was born.

Cradle Cross - from our church when Will was Christened. I am going to add a little bit more here, too.

The top of the bookshelf needs LOTS of work. Get rid of the lamp and replace it with another. The picture needs to be moved/rehung. I have a few ideas for here.

I didn't take pictures of Will's bedding up close but for the bumper I bought this toddler duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids. My aunt took it apart and used it for the outside. The inside is navy minky. The bumper that Pottery Barn had was sold out so I couldn't buy it. The skirt is exactly the one below but it appears not to be available anymore. I actually went ahead and bought the set for the twin bed, too, so that I won't have to search for it when we move him out of his crib.

I think that's it!


the tichenor family said...

I am the worst blog commenter ever, please forgive me! But I thought I'd pop in to say that Will's room is darling. I am madly in love with that rocking horse-- is there anything sweeter? Great job mama, precious room for another precious boy!

Unknown said...

If that is not the sweetest mobile! What a great room...lots of space to play!