Monday, July 23, 2012

Anniversary Weekend...

Eddie and I had a FANTASTIC weekend. I have a list on my desk with ten things on it that I wanted to get done. I marked off two. :) But we had a great time together and that's what is important!

On Thursday night (our actual anniversary), we drove south to meet Eddie's parents at Cracker Barrel for dinner and to drop James off with them for the weekend. Little stinker was so excited and not at all sad to leave his mama behind!

Thursday while I was packing James' bags, I walked into the den and saw James trying to climb into this. He hadn't heard me walk in so I watched. :) Silly boy couldn't stand it anymore! I let him bounce for a minute and then kicked him out. Ha! He looks SO long-legged in this (and if you know James and his short legs, that's funny!).

Friday I spent the entire day here at the house with Will cleaning. I cleaned things that probably haven't been cleaned since before Will was born. Baseboards and carpets are all vacuumed, floors are mopped, showers, tubs, and mirrors are clean. Mmm. It smelled great! :)
Friday night we had Mexican and then went to Lowe's to find curtain rods. Will was fussy so we went home after that. While we were sitting at home after he'd been fed, we got a wild hair and LEFT THE HOUSE AT NINE PM. I know! What in the world? I laughed and said I felt like I was in college again! Hahaha. Not really. We went to Publix for a few things and then went to the new yogurt shop that's opened next door. It was SO good. We can't eat at those kinds of places with James because of the risk of exposure to nuts so we thought we'd try it while he was gone. We shared a cup of salted caramel pretzel yogurt with Reese's cups. If you're local, it's the new place in the Publix near my house. I think it's actually locally owned, not a franchise, which is nice!

Saturday we slept late. I worked in the house and Eddie worked out in the yard. Will was FANTASTIC and I got a ton done.

Saturday evening we went to Macon to eat at Bonefish. Fancier than our normal, but not too fancy that we couldn't take our little sidekick with us. It was DELICIOUS. We got Bang Bang Shrimp, I had a glass of wine, Eddie had scallops and shrimp with veggies and Potatoes Au Gratin, and I had crab cakes, summer tomatoes with basil and feta, and whipped potatoes. FANTASTIC. We walked around afterwards (because we were stuffed!) and stopped at Dick's and JoAnn's. Shoes for Eddie, drapery clips for me. Ha! Our last stop was to Bass Pro to get a new lifejacket for James. Will was SO impressed with the fish tank. I wish I'd taken pictures!

Sunday we slept late again. Will woke up at almost 10! What in the world? AND he slept THROUGH THE NIGHT. He didn't do that again last night, but I'll take it when I can get it!

Our biggest boy and his grandparents came in around 11. We waited for him to perk up a bit from a quick nap on the ride up and then we headed out for lunch. We enjoyed the visit with Grandmama and Granddaddy and are especially thankful that they gave us the weekend "off." 

Eddie and I had so much fun together this weekend (along with our littlest sidekick!). It was just what we needed! And looking at the calendar we have another weekend like that in just a few weeks!

James' last week of Mother's Morning Out is this week. He had just a few Tuesdays this summer that he could attend. He starts at his new school at the end of August and I am SO excited for him! Yea for the last month of summertime!

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