Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That's Life?

I took James back to the doctor on Monday for a two-week ear check. He has been sick with something for most of this year. Ear infections, allergies, asthma issues, upper respiratory infections, etc. etc. etc. On Monday his ears were clear and for the first time since the middle of APRIL, we left with instructions to decrease meds. :) WOOHOO! I should've known.

Guess who's running a fever? That's right! My preschooler who had a two-day reprieve from illness kept my husband up all night. (I didn't know!) He's warm. Just a low-grade temp, but it's enough to make him feel pretty miserable. In fact, we've been up (for good) since six this morning and most of the time he has whined. He likes for Eddie to hold him standing up (why?) but this morning he wanted Eddie to hold him standing up and walk him around. Ha! Eddie drew the line and instead put him in our bed with his big wubbie. (I should do a post on James' wubbie love sometime. I think it must be genetic because Will is obsessed already, too.) 

We're up now but not moving. He wanted breakfast (James is the I-need-breakfast-immediately-upon-awaking-type) and to watch Mickey and drink "appa-juice"...on the sofa. Stinker. But I can tell he really doesn't feel good, so I'm letting him. He yelled to me earlier that he spilled some juice so I brought him a tray table to set next to him. Now that's the true sign of a sick kid, huh? I'm sort of hoping he'll stay right there for a while.

Poor kid cannot catch a break. He's complaining that his head and chest hurt so we'll fire up the breathing machine soon and maybe get a little Motrin into his system. Hopefully he'll be bouncing off the walls in no time. I might try to take a nap while he's not feeling well, though!

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