Friday, June 22, 2012

Images from the Week

The first part of the week was busy for us...and then illness hit and we've been lazing around at home since. It's actually been sort of nice and I've gotten a lot done.

One of James' new favorite things to do in the morning is to hide under my covers:

Will likes to help me cook supper:

Poor little sick thing. He did NOT need that bowl. Don't let it alarm you. He is a hypochondriac like his mama and any illness makes him think he needs to throw up. Needless to say, that bowl is HIS now. :)

He's turning into a jumping bean! He's liking this toy a lot more these days now that he's learned to play with the toys and move around.

How do y'all like his shirt? A gift from Fake Aunt Lib and Bobby. He LOVES it. We think it's pretty funny.

Speaking of Lib...I keep meaning to post pictures of the stools she painted for the boys. They are SO CUTE and match their rooms. James decided to put his at the end of his bed (he still needs a little boost to get in) and he moves Will's between the dresser where we change Will's diaper and the crib so that he can climb in. :) Thanks, Libba!

After bath time on Wednesday night, I let James climb in our bed to watch Toy Story. He's not big on movies so it didn't last long. I keep hoping he'll really start enjoying them because so far I'm the lone movie watcher in our house!

Brother enjoyed watching, though!

Yesterday was a little rough. James was still semi-sick. He really wanted to feel well so he'd bounce off the walls and then crash for a bit. Will is apparently teething and needed to be held all. day. long. And even then he wasn't comfortable unless I snuggled him straight-jacket style. Maybe I need to pull the swaddles back out.

This is the only way Will would nap. I didn't completely mind. I took a little nap, too.

Post-nap lounging on my {unmade} bed.

Then we did a little train-playing. James can't decide if he's into trains or not. He's not nuts about them like some little boys, but they're fun for a bit!

Thankfully, we have a {supposedly} low-key weekend. Eddie hasn't been able to work in our yard in a few weeks and I'm sure we might get a letter from our HOA any day now. :) The boys and I need to run a few errands tomorrow while Eddie works. We are praying for a restful, uneventful weekend!

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