Monday, June 11, 2012

Face Painting and Fun at the Lake!

We had another fabulous weekend! I'm just not sure how they fly by like they do. How is it already June 11th?!? What in the world?

Where's James??? He thought this was HILARIOUS Friday morning.

Painting the patio (with water). This was on our Summer Goals List (just something creative that we don't do all the allowed me to unload the dishwasher after swimming lessons...but it also let 3 flies in my house because he wouldn't let me close the door).

We started off the weekend with Mexican food at our favorite place. James was a wild man like it is often when we go out to eat these days. Stinker just can't sit still when he's surrounded by so many fun things to look at. While we aren't enjoying eating out these days, I don't think the solution is to STOP going out, so we go where we know it will be quick.

After supper we ran over to a friend's church. Lauren (don't let this confuse you, I have a good friend named Lauren, too...) put together a silent auction to benefit a friend of hers who is going on the World Race. It sounds like an amazing opportunity to serve in missions in eleven countries in a year. We stopped by to partake in the bouncy house, face painting, and do a little bidding. I think we wound up with an Olive Garden gift card and a hardware store gift card. Lauren beat me out on the organizing lady. I thought I might've been mortified to have this lady look at my house but the more I think about it, the better that having her help with my kitchen cabinets (no pantry) sounds! Lauren, I might need her number!

James wouldn't get in the bouncy by himself so Mrs. Lauren and her almost-20-week-pregnant self got in with him. She scared me! Thankfully, she and her Zofran pump and little baby Choo Choo 2 all sat very still.

It's dark, but James enjoyed the "concert" at the auction. He danced to the two songs we were there for. And yes, that guy is singing "Firework." Apparently, making him sing Katy Perry was a joke. :) Didn't stop James from shaking his booty!

We got home LATE for our boys. It was almost 10pm. No baths, we just hustled everyone off to bed.

Saturday morning we got up, bathed babies, ate breakfast, and packed up our car for Will's first spend-the-night-off trip - Papa and YaYa's at Lake Oconee! I took my camera, but left the memory card at home in the scanner. Whoops. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, but that's all I have!

James and Monkey ready to go! He talked the whole way up. "Mama. Mama. Mama. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy? Mama?" "What, James?" "I need Daddy."

We've traded up life jackets. James was still wearing this one even though it was an "Under 30 lbs." jacket. Papa bought him a new one so Will took over. He looked like he couldn't move in it! Ha! James was two months older than Will before he ever needed a life jacket so this is just hilarious looking to us.

Can you see the nest wayyyy over there?

There's a baby under there...

New shoes.

Gimme that bacon!

Dad caught two bream while we were there. James, strangely, didn't have much interest in fishing this weekend. He did "kiss" the fish.

Checking out the crickets.

We arrived back home on Sunday around 3:15. Scout was THRILLED to see us because a big, bad storm moved in about 3:45. She spent the afternoon indoors and was quite pleased with that.

James slept the whole way home and then on our bed for probably another half-hour. When he got up he wanted Will to snuggle with him on the Nap Nanny. Will wasn't trying to bite him...I think James kept touching his nose.

Another week full of swimming lessons and doctor's appointments! Will is four months old this week! What?! It's flying by!


Anna Catherine said...

Let me come organize for you. It's one of my passions you know!

Lauren said...

I was SO happy yall came to the Auction! Thanks SO much!! As for me in the jumper, I wasnt concerned about myself or baby #2...more that we would all see the hot dog I had just eaten for a second time. That would for sure scar James for life and he would never set foot in another bounce house again! LOVE him dancing to the music - hope yall had ear plugs :D and please send Anna Catherine to my house to organize after she is done with yours! Lord knows I will need more than a few hours with an organizing lady to get this pig sty cleaned up!

Unknown said...

That's hilarious. "Mama, mama, mama, I need Daddy." Looks like a great weekend!

I love to organize, it just never stays that way!