Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to the Weekend...

I interrupted the normal order 'o bloggin' yesterday to give you a post on James and all his fifty medicine. I swear, he's taking so much right now that he reminds me of my grandmother. :) Last night we did his first breathing treatment(s) - it's two liquid medicines that he has to inhale and they take about 15-20 minutes to do. I'm hoping the novelty of flipping the switch on and off will wear off soon. So far, he likes to turn it on and off but doesn't like to wear the mask. Yea!

So...the weekend!

Last week my mama called me and asked if she could come and pick James up for a spend-the-night at her house on Friday. Mom and Sonny are doing some traveling this summer so our time with them will be a little hit-or-miss. James was THRILLED to be going. After swimming lessons on Friday, Mom met us at our house. We ran a few errands that required the boys to stay in the car and then after lunch she packed James up and took him home.

I got a few cleaning projects done before Eddie got home from work. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but cleaning a house with children in it is HARD WORK. Cleaning their rooms is especially hard. I like to do most of my cleaning while my babies are sleeping and that means that I never get to the rooms they sleep in. So on Friday and Saturday James' room was one of my big concerns. We were also able to get Will's curtains hung up. His room is slowly coming together! I'll take pictures soon. I mopped, too. On my hands and knees. I love doing it that way, but it takes for.e.ver and I need some knee pads.

Will totally slept through us hanging his curtains. It was late and he was TIRED.

We also watched Part I of Hatfields and McCoys. LOVE it. We've since watched Part II. I knew about the feud, but I apparently didn't know much! Hopefully we'll be able to finish Part III and the documentary that we recorded about them sometime this week.

Saturday morning Will hung out with me while I mopped. Sweet boy found his feet!

I made Key Lime Pie for Saturday's dessert since Lauren (Train) loves it. She's FINALLY eating again after being sick for a long, long time from her second pregnancy.

Saturday we spent the day working around the house. James was home from Cacky's mid-afternoon. Poor thing was not feeling great. He asked her to go to bed at 7:30 Friday night. UNUSUAL. Our friends, the Trains, were coming over for dinner so I sent Lauren a quick text that somebody was feeling puny. I just suspected more of the ears/allergies yuck that he's had. Turns out, I was right!

Saturday evening was a fun time with the Trains! James and Anne Margaret played near one another. I think we're all having to practice sharing right now. Ha! We know it gets better as the kiddos get older, so that's good news. James is 11 months older than AM and Will will be about 9 months older than their new baby. Fun times!

Sunday morning was almost comical at our house. I had been up and down with Will Saturday night. (Either we're getting another bad sleeper out of this deal or someone is beginning to cut teeth. SOMETHING is awry.) I was exhausted when our alarm went off to go to church. So, I slept. :) We missed early church because of it but we got up to get ready for Sunday School. We were nearly ready and James just fell apart. I knew it was from not feeling well so we just sort of went with it instead of being irritated about the tantrum on the floor. We still decided that since we were up and dressed, we ought to go to the 11 o'clock service, so we did! We'd never been before! It was EMPTY! And then we realized that Children's Camp left during the 9 o'clock service so there were lots of children and parents gone because of that. We enjoyed the service. I bet we go a LOT more to that service once James is able to go to "big church" because they have Children's Church then.

Sunday afternoon we were pretty lazy. More Hatfields and McCoys, naps all around. James slept for a LONNNNNG time. He was exhausted from all of his weekend fun!

More of the same this week! We have swimming lessons EVERY day. We're four days behind so we're swimming five days a week for the next two weeks and then we'll make up the other two days after lessons are officially over. I'd love to say that he's doing well, but he's screaming through the whole lesson now. Of course, it makes sense if he doesn't feel well and if his ears hurt. Hopefully this second round of antibiotics will do the trick!

(NO SCREAMING TODAY!!! We had a celebratory Chick-Fil-A milkshake at 10:45! He was happy as a clam...er, fish! I think the oomph he gets from the Albuterol might have had something to do with his enthusiasm!)

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The Morrows said...

Love the pics-
He looks so big holding his own breathing treatment :)
And baby boy playing with his toes is precious.
Glad you had a good weekend.