Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slow Week

We haven't disappeared, but it's been a slow week around these parts. A short list of our goings-on:

1. Two years old is about to drive me bananas. I love him to death, but James is wearing me out. Ha!
2. James has TWO more days of school. Just two! I'm excited and scared all at the same time. Thank goodness we're pretty busy the next two months!
3. I've tried new recipes all three days this week! On Monday we had a Mexican meal that was WAY unhealthy and just okay. Last night we grilled and I grilled potatoes and baked Vidalia onions and they were both EXCELLENT.
4. James has been wearing BIG BOY UNDERWEAR around the house during his waking hours. So far, no accidents. So far, we've gone to the potty 30 bajillion times this week. The novelty has not yet worn off. See number 1. :)
5. We (very thankfully) have a low-key weekend which is just what this mama wants. :) We have haircuts on Saturday but no other plans and I am definitely keeping it that way!
6. Our summer schedule is filling up quickly and I'm thrilled. We have a weekend to see a few friends planned very soon, two trips to the beach, swimming lessons for SIX weeks, and various trips to the lake I feel sure. Busy. And I love it.
7. There's a major news story in our town right now and the conversation on Facebook about it is ridiculous.
8. I want to see a few movies this summer. If you're a nearby friend and like movies, let me know! I need a date!
9. Will slept in his own room for the first time last night. And I didn't cry OR check on him a bajillion times. Just once. He did, however, wake up earlier to eat BUT he went right back to sleep for about 3 more hours.
10. I ordered a few tops from Target today and they have the WORST website. I HATE it. But I love Target so I try to overlook it. I also bought a few pairs of shorts from Old Navy. In various sizes since I'm a mama now and I'm not sure how short my shorts can be.
11. I ordered a jogging stroller (finally!) this week. Even with two gift cards for it I still feel like I just bought a new car. It should have air conditioning and burn fat just by looking at it. I got it just in time for the 130* weather we'll probably have this summer.
12. I am on the hunt for a GOOD way to go about rewarding James. I've been looking for reward charts and can't find exactly what I want (or even anything similar so that I can just tweak it). If you have something that you've used and it was successful, will you let me know? We're in desperate need of doing away with defiance. See number 1.
13. I'm on the hunt for cute teacher gifts tomorrow.
14. Someone is crawling out of their bed to come and find me. I'd better go.

Y'all have a great week!


Anna Catherine said...

Yay for big boy underwear instead of pullups!!!!
I'll definitely go on a movie date with you! I'm currently reading Hunger Games and I can't wait to see the movie (if it's still out this weekend when I should be finished)!
I might cry that Will is in his own room if you don't! I don't want that baby to grow up so fast!

Lauren said...

Did you see the pin with the glass jar filled with multi-colored ping pong balls? They all have different rewards on them and the kid can pick one out during the day. So then if he is good, he gets to pick a ping pong ball and do whatever it is...stay up 5 minutes later, get ice cream, etc. Then if you gave it to him earlier in the day if he is bad you could take it back! ...I saw another pin that was cute and it was a little flower pot that had a tag in it that said something cheesy like "thank you for helping me grow" and then the kids name....would be inexpensive though depending on how many you need :)