Friday, April 13, 2012

Will at Two Months...

Well, Mr. Will is officially two months old. Eight and a half weeks have passed since I had him! I cannot believe it! (Eddie says he feels like it's been a lot more than eight weeks. Suffice it to say that he's had a different experience with two than I have...fantastic may not be his word of choice to describe the transition. And they've been WAY busy at work so that hasn't helped.)

At two months, Will is 23 inches long (50%)  and weighs 10 pounds, 12 ounces (a little over 50%).
I don't want to compare every single thing about them, but James was 24 inches long and weighed 14.5 pounds at two months. Ha! Big difference! Click here to see James' two month update.

Will is very much like Eddie in personality...and I have to admit that James is a lot like me. Will sits back and watches. He doesn't talk much yet unless we get in his face, talk to him, and wait. He doesn't get worked up unless he's overly tired, hungry, or has a dirty/wet diaper. He's just really, really laid back so far.

That being said, when he is mad, he is MAD. :) He is the loudest thing when he wails. I guess he bottles it all up! (Also like his daddy in that respect. Eddie NEVER gets mad...but if he is, he's MAD. He is so different from me!) Should've seen him when he got his shots yesterday. He screamed and SCREAMED.

Speaking of shots, they caused us to endure our roughest afternoon with him yet. Mama and I took the boys to Macon yesterday afternoon and Will started feeling bad when we got there. Little boy was screaming like he was hurting. It was so pitiful. Thankfully, he slept great last night and has just been a little fussy this morning. He's flashed us some smiles between cries. :)

Usually, he has his last feeding somewhere between 10 and midnight and will typically make it until 5 or 6 AM. So we've dropped one middle-of-the-night feeding. That's been going on for quite sometime. He eats around 5 or 6 and goes back to sleep until 8 or 9 AM. (Takes after ME in sleeping late...but takes after his daddy in that he can sleep ANYWHERE. Thank the Lord!)

He is very, very flexible with his napping schedule. I've honestly not gotten that into a routine, although I know that I need to. :\ Better work on that this month.

He's still in a size one diaper and may be for a little bit longer. We're actually out of ones, but I'm afraid the twos may be just a tad bit big. So I'll buy diapers this week (FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE HE WAS BORN...Hallelujah for the diaper shower!).

He has NEVER had to take Mylicon drops. He spits up, but not everything he ate like James did. Gas has never seemed to bother him much. He'll have a rough tummy moment every now and then, but it's not bad.

He's not a huge fan of a paci. He'll take it if he's especially worked up or sleepy, but otherwise he makes a face like it tastes horrible. And he can spit it several feet away. It's hilarious! He has found his hands in the past few weeks and he likes to suck on his thumb or his fists.

He still sleeps swaddled up on the Nap Nanny. I think I'm going to move him to his own room next week. Probably still in the Nap Nanny to begin with and then to his bed.

I told Mama the other day that Will just doesn't talk and coo as much as James did. Very quickly she reminded me that he doesn't have much of a CHANCE to do those things! If I talk to him and wait his face will light up and he will coo back...but he's not much for talking unless I start the conversation.

The top two pictures are Will.

He's still wearing a few of his 0-3 month outfits, but I've moved him up to a lot of his 3-6 month outfits, too. So sad.

This boy is just SO laid back and precious. We have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute with him! We're having him Christened this weekend because by three months James had almost outgrown his Christening gown (which is Eddie's granddaddy's - so it's almost 90 years old!)...but I think we could've waited another month! He's just so different from big brother! They're both so sweet and special in their own ways!


Anna Catherine said...

You should post baby pictures of you and Eddie for others to compare! I think Will looks just like you as a baby!

Amy said...

he's adorable lauren!! and those smiles....too sweet!!