Friday, March 9, 2012

This Week...

This week has FLOWN by. I'm not even sure what we did on Monday. I do know that Eddie had rehearsal Monday night and James was less than thrilled that I was in charge of the bedtime routine. Last week I wound up letting his pitiful little self fall asleep on the sofa (the "bo-pa") because he could not stop crying and pull himself together. Monday night he cried, but he fell asleep after a bit. I was in his room for a little over an hour, though. Those people who told me that "little boys LOVE their mamas SO much," LIED to me. He loves me, but it is clear that he is a "daddy's boy."

Tuesday was the usual rigamarole. Back to Mother's Morning Out for James. I got brave and left Will in the car while I dropped James off. What do you moms do for preschool drop-off? I'm concerned about everybody touching him when we go in (I know, I need to get over it), but I also worry when I leave my car running in the parking lot with my kid. I'd never be able to jump on the side of my SUV and wrestle a driver out of it like the guy in "Courageous." :) Anyway, after dropping James off, Will and I had to come home and then run a few errands. He went to Publix with me for the very first time. Tuesday night we had a meal brought to us again! We've been spoiled rotten by friends bringing food! After dinner Eddie had rehearsal again and James was a little whiny going to bed, but not as bad as Monday night.

Wednesday my mama came for a visit. We got out and went to Hobby Lobby, but that was about all of our excitement. Ha! I think James enjoyed the outing, though.

Thursday James went to school again and I was completely and utterly unproductive at home. I literally didn't get anything more than the dishwasher unloaded, a load of clothes washed, and a shower. I didn't even dry my hair while he was gone! I've GOT to get better about time management while he's at school. I'm learning that it's potentially the only time during the day I'll get anything done because while he's napping I'm typically nursing or rocking/consoling someone else. I DID get out on Thursday night to go to Book Club. Hallelujah! I've been reading along but haven't actually been to Book Club since July. Whoops! It was quick, but lots of fun!

Working on his double chin! :) He has GAINED some weight! I can't wait for his unofficial, official weigh-in on Tuesday when he's ONE MONTH old! And as a sidenote, Mrs. Sue gave this baby outfit to James and it's a newborn. It was the only thing that really "fit" Will when he came home three weeks ago and now it's almost too short. So sad!

He is a head-holding-up champ! He holds it up for.e.ver and it doesn't even bobble around! James' head wiggled for a long time!

Unprompted pose, but I did make him stay so I could make a picture. I'm about to whine about James below, so let me take a minute to say that we cannot believe how blessed we've been with his big brother skills. So far (and I realize it gets worse when baby gets mobile) he has shown NO jealousy whatsoever. We ask James all the time, "Whose baby are you?" and he says, "Daddy's baby." If you say, "Whose baby is Will? Daddy's baby?" he says, "No! He's my baby!" If anything, he is overly loving. I told the girls at Book Club last night that I keep "hiding" Will in different places around the house so that James doesn't try to pick him up. I move him from room to room and spot to spot so that it takes him a bit to find him and hopefully by then I've realized that he's looking!

Today has been one of "those" days. Will is still (at 6:40) in his jammies. James has been "strong-willed" all day long, I'm a hot mess, and I'm just ending the day frustrated. I don't want this to turn into a blog where I whine about my toddler all the time, but just know that the two-year-old stage is TOUGH. For both of us. :) I made him crack up earlier this week because he's gotten to where, when he doesn't get his way, he sighs very loudly and won't make eye contact. I started doing it along with him and he thought it was hysterical. I asked if he saw how silly it looked and now he can't do it without laughing. (He does, however, roll his eyes when I ask him to kiss me. Stinker.) We got some good play time in this afternoon, but as soon as that ended and it was time for a nap he lost his mind. The only reason he's taken a nap at all this week is because I've started allowing him to have books in his bed that he can read before he falls asleep. This is a carry-over from Cacky, but it IS working so I've held onto it.

Tonight we're having dinner at home (what? the idea of bathing and dressing two boys and myself was NOT appealing...not even to avoid cooking...) and will hopefully get a few chores done after the bigger little boy goes to bed. We need to sign James up for swimming lessons and I have a few Willow House things that I need to be working on...not to mention my house is a disaster. I need to fire our maid. She is NOT doing what I write on her to-do list each day.

Y'all have a fun weekend! Eddie has RSVP-ed us to go to a wedding tomorrow night so just under four weeks post-partum, I'm squishing into a dress and baring my white legs...and I can't even stay more than forty-five minutes since I'll be needed at home almost as soon as we arrive at the place. :) Can you tell I'm excited! Ha!

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The Morrows said...

Hope yall had fun at the wedding! I have left my babies in the car often- always with the car running and always when I am close or can still see them. Don't beat yourself up about this-I have asked my friends the same ? and they all agree that sometimes its just better for everyone involved rather than pulling them out all the time and exposing them to extra germs. (not to mention its hard to manuever your toddler when you are trying to carry a carseat, bags, etc.)