Monday, March 19, 2012

A Busy/Lazy Weekend...

Some of us around here had a really, really busy weekend. Others of us had a really, really lazy weekend. :) Can you tell we all went in different directions?

Thursday night we took both boys to the church for the opening night of the play that Eddie was in. I wound up leaving Will in the nursery with James just because there were no other children there! I'd planned to take him with me to keep from adding one more kiddo to the mix, but poor James was the only big child in the nursery. He wasn't a fan of that set-up, I guess, because he told me he got a little upset. The play was great! It was funny and I enjoyed seeing it. I think that Eddie has had a great time getting out of the house and doing this, but he was worn out last night when it was all said and done. For someone who just had one line, there were plenty of hours put into it! (And that's with lots of skipped practices!)

Friday morning we got up and Cacky drove up to go with us to Macon. I need a few new church dresses to fit this new post-baby body while it's still in the nursing stage and unfortunately, with several big events coming up, I can't just hang out at home forever. I needed the extra help from Mom because we still only have single strollers. (If you're in the market to SELL or let me BORROW a tandem double stroller, let me know! I think we're going to buy a jogging stroller but those won't fit through stores while shopping.)

Let me just say that getting ready and shopping with two kids (one that is an infant) is a whole different ballgame and it takes for.e.ver. I'd forgotten all of the stopping to feed a baby, etc., etc. that goes into it and it was almost 1:30 before we even went into the first store!

We walked into Dillard and James looked around and said, "Santa?" I almost fell over. We were in Dillard at the BEGINNING of December and upstairs Santa was walking through and spent a few minutes talking to James. How on earth had he remembered that three months later? This is why I cannot say or do anything in front of him! (I made the big mistake of standing on a chair in the kitchen recently to reach something...guess what my new big challenge is at home right now?!)

James was memorized by the escalators on our shopping trip so we let him ride one at Dillard and told him that if he was very, very well-behaved he could ride again before we left. He got to ride again! He wasn't excellent, but he was pretty darn good for a two year old who hadn't had a nap! (Funny story: For whatever reason, Mom and I thought it would be a good idea to take both strollers to the UP side of the escalators, get James out, and then she would go with him and I would wait at the bottom. What we didn't think about was that I would want to take a picture...So here I go, dragging BOTH strollers to the DOWN side of the escalators. The jogger's wheel was locked so it wouldn't turn easily and I had a baby in the other stroller. I looked like a crazy nut. Two ladies coming down spotted me and just laughed. One asked if I knew I'd lost my child. Ha! I know I looked crazy!)

Friday night Eddie took James with him to church and I stayed home with Will. I spent some time cleaning out our kitchen cabinets while the boys were gone. What an exciting life, huh? :)

Saturday morning the big boys got up to take Scout to the vet. Unfortunately, they didn't have an appointment and the vet wouldn't see her. Darn. Eddie was, of course, thrilled. They got a few errands run after they brought Scout back to our house and then Eddie did some yardwork while James took a fantastic nap! He went back to the church with Eddie on Saturday night. (Lots of thank yous to the sweet nursery girls for tolerating him three nights and one Sunday morning in a row!) I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day so I made James wear a green ribbon on his wrist so he wouldn't get pinched. :) I don't think anyone would've pinched him, but he thought it was funny.

Will wore a green gown Saturday night after his bath once I realized it was St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday was about as exciting as Saturday! Ha! Church, lunch, naps, playing in the yard. Bubbles were a big item on the to-do list. We're thrilled it's finally pretty outside (even though winter wasn't bad...) but I sneeze my head off all day long.
I caught a teensy grin from Will!

Can you tell that someone chose his own accessories???

More of the same this week! Tuesdays are SO busy for us for some reason. My list is a mile long already!

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Anna Catherine said...

I am in love with James' outfit! That boy has style! You need to teach him how to pose like Papa! haha