Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All Dressed Up...

*** Sickie Update: His fever finally got up to 102.6 so I gave him some Motrin and called to make an appointment to see our doctor. He felt TERRIBLE. After a 2.5 hour nap we ran to the pediatrician's office where it was decided that the mystery illness {seriously - last week teeth hurting, ears hurting, 6 hour cough, no sleeping...} was something viral. Grrr. I hate those viruses. This, of course, after we sat in the waiting room with a child throwing up. BLECH. ***

We got up and got ready for school this morning and when I was brushing the wild man's teeth I noticed that he felt a little warm. Took his temperature and sure enough - 100.4. He sure wasn't acting sick, though! He proceeded to fuss about not going to school and then sang "Happy Birthday, Dad-deeeeeeeeee!" for the 8,317th time since last week.

I turned on Dumbo and made him stay on the sofa. He fussed about that. Since then, though, he's gotten a little more lounge-y. I took him temperature again about thirty minutes ago and it was 102.5*. Wonderful! All he'll tell me is that his forehead hurts. Huh?

Called the doctor so I'm waiting on them to call back. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. We have Easter egg hunts planned!

(You may notice a shorter haircut in the picture above! He FINALLY got a trim last night and he LOVED it. Ha! He was very funny. It's a little mussed from some sofa lounging, but it's noticeably shorter!)

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