Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Still Here...

I've got nothin' this morning but I thought that if I didn't check in someone might think we'd had a baby overnight. Last night was a full moon and I'm here to tell you that that myth about babies being born on the full moon is BOGUS. I lasted through the one last night AND one with James right before my due date. Or maybe my babies just like to stay warm and cozy. Who knows.

We're still here! James skipped school yesterday because I thought I might get some dirty looks from other mamas if I dropped off my sounds-like-a-smoker child. He has gotten so. much. worse. since our doctor's visit on Monday. We've been spending our time not eating (him, not me) and drinking a LOT of Gatorade. I haven't given him any milk because his typical behavior is to throw up anytime he's even remotely sick. Gatorade has been a happy replacement.

Last night Eddie had rehearsal so he was gone until around 9. He came home and ate supper with us and gave James a bath and then headed out again so James and I did the bedtime routine by ourselves. We laid down around 8 and when I got up at 8:40 I had to tell James to stay in his bed. He could not sleep for all of the coughing. He'd cough, take a sip of water, and flop over into a new position. Then repeat every two minutes. Because of all the coughing and water drinking there was a mandatory diaper change at midnight. Fortunately, he slept through it.

We did a lot of laying around yesterday. He just feels terrible. We watched a Mickey movie over...and over...and over. Fortunately, I got a TON done around the house. But that poor baby moved from his bed to his booster seat to my bed and back to his bed by 10 AM. Maybe we're on the mend, though? I've read that the first two days are the worst...

I'm hanging in there! I haven't had contractions lately, but lots of pressure and uncomfortableness. Baby Brother settled himself in somehow last night (or the night before?) that made my hips and back and legs HURT. But still, no baby. So far, three people I knew who were pregnant and due either the day before me or up to a week after me have had their babies. I have one more pregnant friend due right after me and she'll have a C-section on Friday. Jealous much? :) It's such a fun waiting game.

We have a long list of things going on today that I hope to conquer and then I have my fingers crossed that James can go back to school tomorrow. I have my very last doctor's appointment tomorrow morning as well. An induction date has been scheduled so if we don't have him before then.... :) And if I make it until Friday I have another list of things to get done and appointments to go to! Busy, busy!

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