Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday!

*** Just to answer the anonymous comment I got tonight about not inducing if there's not a medical reason...I didn't realize I needed to tell all of the details of my pregnancy on my blog, and maybe I don't. Anyway, there IS a medical reason I am being induced. I was induced the first time around and had a textbook delivery with James. It was perfect. Do I think that everyone should be induced? Absolutely not. But I do believe that the decision for whether I am induced needs to be made by me, my husband, and my doctor. Please just know that it is the best thing for us to do in our situation. Does that mean it will be a perfect delivery? Not necessarily. But in our case the risks for NOT inducing outweigh the risks that come along with an induction. ***

We're still here! :) I continuously ask myself, "Is today the day? Is tonight the night?" I think if I hadn't made any progress, I would feel a lot better about the "when" part of all of this. (Remember, I am a type-A control freak who likes to know the PLAN in advance.)

James seems much, much, much better today. He is still coughing like crazy, but he doesn't seem to feel bad this morning. The past two days he has been pitiful. Last night he just wanted to be held and rocked. And poor kid has hardly eaten anything all week. We're almost finished with the steroid. There's a tiny bit left at the bottom of the bottle that I'll try to get into him in the morning. The cough syrup, though, is still plenty full! I'll keep on with that until his cough has disappeared.

We spent the early part of the morning watching - what else - Mickey Mouse and I pulled out his photo albums from the hospital and right after he came home. We've been talking about how tiny Baby Brother will be and how careful we'll have to be with him. I'm sure he won't "get it" until we're home and settled in, but I wanted to talk to him about everything before-hand.

Nesting is still in full-force. Where I haven't cleaned, picked up, or put away for the past nine months I am now cleaning like a crazy person. I've made a to-do list every day and gotten it checked off for the most part. I really thought this would be my last week to have any alone time while James went to school, but that obviously wasn't in the plans. :) It has helped that he hasn't felt like playing, though. It's kept my house a little cleaner!

James and Eddie are both guessing that I'll have Baby Brother on Monday. I'm all up in the air about when. Of course, the planner part of me comes out and says, "But if I have him this day and we come home on this day then blah, blah, blah." I know it won't work that way.

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