Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Ready...

Well, I thought last night that Baby Brother might want to be born on my Baby Brother's birthday. (Or the day after {today}, depending on how long it took.) He wiggled and pushed and wiggled from about nine until midnight. I was so uncomfortable. But you know what? MY HOUSE IS A MESS. I cleaned frantically last night just in case I needed to go to the hospital. Ha! I'm sure that helped, right? I would clean something and stop and sit in Eddie's recliner for a bit and then clean some more. I was having teeny, tiny contractions...nothing that you could call regular contractions...but they weren't comfortable!

Nesting is in FULL FORCE. With James, I didn't feel like cleaning. I had horrible sciatica from the time I found out I was pregnant. This time around, I've had it off and on, but nothing terrible. The problem has been nausea and headaches...but the past two weeks they've been gone! And since I think I'm almost 100% recovered from bronchitis, I've been cleaning up a storm!

My list is dwindling a little bit, but maybe not as quickly as it needs to. I've gotten EVERYTHING in that I've ordered. Baby Brother now has crib sheets, a Nap Nanny (I bit the bullet on this one because it was on sale...if you have one you'd be willing to loan me, I'd love it!), four yards of minky fabric for a bumper and wubbies, and the other fabric for the bumper.

I got so tickled yesterday when James walked in my bedroom and saw the infant carseat on the floor. He shouted, "YEA! Baby Brother comin' today!" Whew! No, not today, but soon.

We have tentative plans for the next several weekends. Tentative, because I realize my time is growing short. This weekend, we have a "sprinkle" (a small shower! ha!) with a few friends and some Mexican food. We're also trying to figure out something that we can do with James as a last hoorah with just the three of us. That will probably have to wait (hope it can!) until next weekend because we have Saturday and Sunday plans this weekend. (I have no reason to think that Baby Brother is making his way earlier than his due date, I've just worried about it this entire pregnancy. I am nothing if not a very detailed planner. I like to know the WHEN and HOW and WHERE details of ev.ery.thing. And pregnancy doesn't afford that luxury.)

Slowly but surely we're getting there. I do wish that I could hire a cleaning lady for the next two weeks. I also wish that I could strap James in a high chair for more than five minutes at a time so that the things that I clean don't get pulled right back out. Ha! He has no interest in coloring in his high chair or sitting still at all for that matter. His interests include GOING FULL SPEED AT ALL TIMES. Good thing I actually have more energy this time around!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you on Monday with (hopefully) some pictures of a fun weekend!

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Amy said...

not sure f this is too far of a drive, but there's a clifford exhibit at the atlanta children's museum starting next saturday (2/4). we're planning on taking libbi :)