Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Twas Three Days Before Christmas...

I have NOTHING to write about today of any importance, but I felt the need to blog today because we'll be BUSY from now until Monday so this may be the only time it gets done. Because I don't have great stories to tell, I'll make a list of things instead.

1. We are POTTY TRAINING at our house. For real this time. It was for real last time, but then someone had a stomach virus and I wasn't about to compete with that. So far, so good! We've done three afternoons (we've been out and about in the mornings - hope I'm not messing up by doing it this way) and he's only had one accident. He has not, however, pooped in the potty. I'm not all that concerned because he does it on his own often enough, I just want to be sure we know that in big boy underwear we cannot forget to tell mama!

2. I've been done with Christmas shopping for a while but a few things are still trickling in. I need to get Eddie's things wrapped up this afternoon.

3. I co-hosted a Willow House/Stella & Dot party at my house at the beginning of December. Lauren is a Stella & Dot rep now and I'm thinking I like it. (Eddie may not!) So far, I've purchased a BUNCH of new jewelry. :) It's also trickling in now for Christmas gifts from Eddie. I have to say that one of my favorite things about them is their boxes! They are so pretty!

4. I have been a reading machine this month. So far I've read four books and I'll probably finish two or three more before the end of the month. Woohoo! I guess I need to read while I can, huh?

5. I am still so uncertain about Baby Brother's room. I want it to be so cute but I just can't decide on anything. I'm praying he'll sit tight the next 7.5 weeks so that I can get a few more things ready for him.

6. James and I made a Christmas craft yesterday that I'll post a picture of soon. We're going to try to do one more today. I had to paint his feet for the craft yesterday and I thought he was going to come unglued. Someone is TICKLISH! Ha! I made him count to 10 about three times just to get him to sit still!

7. We ARE going to church on Christmas morning as long as there is a nursery for James. I think we'll get up, see what Santa brought, get ready for church, go to church, let James nap when we get home (Eddie and I may swap gifts then), and then finish gifts when he wakes up and before we have guests over.

8. My house is a wreck. A WRECK. I have not felt good in probably a week (until today - hallelujah!) and it is showing.

9. I got my new Willow House catalogs last week. Let me know if you'd like me to mail you one!

10. I cannot believe that it is Christmas Eve Eve Eve and it's in the 70s today. YUCK.

11. I ordered two new dresses from Old Navy this morning. I only have one "church dress" that fits for the remaining weeks of pregnancy and I was getting tired of it. I have my fingers crossed that they fit because they are SO cute. I want them to be here today!

12. Tomorrow night is the annual high school friends' get together at Kate's house. I am so excited! It's the TENTH year and I've never missed one. We're not spending the night but we have to go down so that I can go!

13. I'm on my potato soup kick again. It is seriously all I could eat right now. I could also be vegetarian and have been known to order off the vegetarian menu at the Mexican restaurant lately.

14. I don't really have anything else worthwhile to say, but I hated to end this on #13. Merry Christmas, y'all!

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Amy said...

so wish we lived closer and i'd totally loan you some maternity clothes! and....7.5 weeks out??!?! what?!?!?! slow down!!!!