Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank You!

*** This was supposed to be posted at the beginning of November but got lost in the shuffle somewhere! Enjoy! ***

Well, I guess it's only appropriate that James FINALLY learned to say "thank you" in the month of Thanksgiving. I taught him sign language as a baby and he was EXCELLENT at it. He signed up a STORM...but he didn't speak. He babbled, but he didn't speak real words. Finally, about three months ago he just started talking up a storm. I spoke the "code" a long time ago but no one else did, of course. So grandparents were thrilled when they could actually understand him! (He still speaks two-year-old, I'm not saying he's going to be making speeches anytime soon.)

Well...the last of the words that he knew to say in sign language was "thank you." You have to put your hand to your mouth to say it and people always thought he was blowing them a kiss. I gave up trying to explain a long time ago and just let them think he was flirting. On Wednesday night, though, I said, "Say 'thank!'" and he did! Then I said, "Say 'you!'" and he did that, too! We got him to put it together and he was so pleased with himself. So here, for the first time for the public, is James actually saying, "Thank you!" Now I need to get "Yes, sir!" on tape. It's very cute.

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