Thursday, December 15, 2011

James' Christmas Program

James had his very first "performance" today at school. His class, along with the other three classes (it's a teensy school) sang a few songs for parents at the end of the day today. He was SO excited about singing and has been practicing for us at home for a while. We weren't sure what songs he'd be singing, and actually thought his class would only be up there during Jingle Bells. Surprisingly, he did really well for a two-year-old. His class sat down at the front (they did better that way during practice) and while he never sang one. single. word., he DID dance at the very end. I was proud that he stayed up there the whole time!

Doing the motions to "Away in a Manger"

Santa stopped by at the very end! (He wasn't the real Santa...he had on TENNIS SHOES! Ha!)

And two videos of the day. It's TINY and Eddie couldn't figure out how to zoom on my iPhone, but he's the third from the right sitting down. My apologies to the mother in front who chose to sing and dance along. :)

After the Christmas program, James loaded up with Mama and me (I'd enlisted her help) to run errands and go to the hospital for what is *hopefully* our final blood draw for a while. James slept in the car while we ran around town for a few things and while we ate lunch and then we went in to the lab. I had the GREAT idea to take the stroller with us and let me just say that for my toddler who RUNS all the time (away from me!), it was a lifesaver. He wasn't the most perfect child while we were there, but he was sure close! We needed EIGHT vials of blood today to test for all the different things and he was a CHAMP. The man doing the blood draw was excellent and I wish I knew his name because I'd brag on him to the higher ups at the hospital. We've always (the four times we've been) had good experiences with the people in the Same Day Services lab (except that they're not super excited to see a kid coming in). Today, James sat sweetly in my lap and talked to the three people working on him. He squirmed a little bit when the needle went in, but the man got a vein on the very first try! Woohoo! James was praised by everyone and we ate cookies when we got home.

Showing off his red bandage!

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