Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Brother's Room

Poor Baby Brother. We've not spent nearly as much time this pregnancy agonizing over decisions that need to be made like we did with James. Part of the reason that we haven't is that we have almost everything that we need. I do have a wishlist of a few items I'd just like to have...and then there are things that were in James' nursery that are now in James' big boy room that I need to replace (trashcan, sound machine, etc.)...but most of the things that we need we already have. BUT...I'm re-doing the nursery itself and I have not put much thought into it at all.

Mom and I met in Albany yesterday at our favorite fabric store and I must've made 100 laps around the place. I pulled and cut everything that I even remotely liked. Today, I went to Hobby Lobby while James was at school and pulled and cut even more fabric. I am drowning in fabrics and I can't make up my mind.

The result is this:

A mess hodge-podge of prints, solids, and stripes!

The cowboy pile. The red AND blue prints are exactly alike except for the background color. I like the idea of cowboy, but I don't want to overdo a theme. I don't want his room to look like Longhorn. Tasteful!

A better picture of the red. The Hobby Lobby girl scares me. She only cut a piece that was about an inch wide. She did NOT like that I was asking for so many pieces.

And a cowboy idea that I saw on Polka Tot Designs. They have the cutest stuff!

This is another combination I like but I'm not sure Eddie is sold on it. It is definitely LITTLE boy. It wouldn't grow with him. So I'm sort of stuck on it.

Another from Polka Tot Designs using the above (or very similar) fabrics.

And then, just a few more that I like but probably don't stand a chance against Eddie's opinion. I love the blue/green combination especially in sort of a preppy way. Like a man's dress shirt or tie. Is that weird, or what?


Alright, who wants to come over and design the nursery for me???

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Anna Catherine said...

I like the cowboy theme. I think as he gets older, just gradually take away the cowboy things and keep the colors of the fabrics!