Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Update...

Apparently, I took the day off yesterday from the blog world. :) I foresee that this will be happening more and more as I get bigger and busier with James and Baby Brother. I'm not quite to the "nesting" stage yet, but I can feel that I'm getting there. I got lots of cleaning done yesterday while I was not near the computer. Eddie might disagree with how much cleaning actually got done, but I was busy all. day. long. Whew!

So! What have we been up to?

This is from Thursday night. The boys decided to snuggle on the floor and watch the Georgia Tech game before bed. This is how I found them both at 9:30. :) Eddie might have a fit about this picture so shhhh:

Friday morning Mom came up so that we could run to Macon for a little Christmas shopping. Really, I knew that a whole day with nothing to do would be torture for both of us so we asked Cacky to keep us company on our outing. And THEN, I called Aunt Susie and Susana to see if they wanted to meet us for lunch. We had a quick lunch at Zaxby's with them and had a great time catching up. (I love when I go somewhere with Susana because she's an excellent babysitter AND I always get funny pictures on her Facebook page later. Ha!)

Saturday we watched Georgia whoop Auburn in their game. James enjoyed cheering on the Dawgs sans pants. (He doesn't really like clothes much at this stage in the game. And he was FILTHY from "working" in the yard with Eddie.)

Sunday after church we drove to Ashburn to meet my cousin's wife for Christmas Card pictures!!! I got them back yesterday and I LOVE them. I can't wait to get my Christmas Cards in the mail. It's almost time!

James and I had another photo shoot on the way home. He tells me "Cheese!" when he wants his picture taken. :)

I feel like the next three weeks are SO busy. We have Bible Study breakfast tomorrow, a much-needed cut and color tomorrow night, James' Thanksgiving lunch at school on Thursday, a Christmas open house on Friday with Mom and Anna, Lauren and her family over Friday night for dinner and some Willow House/Stella & Dot work. Then next week we have NO school but I do have a doctor's appointment, and it's THANKSGIVING! We'll be working on Christmas decorations starting on the 27th after church and I have a feeling that's going to take me for.ev.er. Whew! I could go on but that would be boring for all of you. Hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of things in the blog world. Sorry if it's not every day, grandparents!

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