Thursday, November 17, 2011


Let me just tell you how FANTASTIC I think it is that my iPhone has a video camera. I realize I've been living in the dark ages, but now I don't have to pull out 14 different pieces of equipment to capture moments. Hallelujah! (Have I mentioned that I sort of like my phone?)

These videos are from this week. One is the night before the virus and the hula video is when we were quarrantined at home. (Please excuse the horrible mess in my den on the second video. I spent the night before going through James' toys {thinking we wouldn't be home on Wednesday} and left them out to deal with them later. And then he helped me organize them even further. Now I have to go back through and get rid of the things that he doesn't play with. Oh well.)

Also, he mentions that Baby Brother's name is "Will." It isn't. He still doesn't have a name. Please note how he pronounces "Will," though. (And I repeat it but I don't actually say it that way {that I know of.})

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