Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I know I rarely do mid-week picture updates but we are BUSY around here. Thought I'd share what we're up to...just today!

This is the current state of my dining room (no, it still hasn't been "finished"...I lack chair covers, curtains, and new paint). I'm calling it "Birthday Central" right now. It's been this way for a few weeks. I'm almost done!

I've been doing a little of this:

And a lot of this:

...because I honestly still haven't caught up on my cleaning. Most days I feel great and get a lot done, but there are still days I feel gross and don't do anything. Those days stack up and I get behind. Not to mention a toddler doesn't help in the fight for a clean home.

James wanted to say hi!

This has been the story of our LIVES since August. We're at it again this week, people. For those who are counting, this is the FIFTH time since August that we've gone back to prescription cough medicine. Pray that he gets to go to school tomorrow and have cookies with his class for his birthday!

Why, yes! That IS a torn up rug and a destroyed bag of diapers! Why do you ask? (And if you're curious, after I discovered that my sweet angel dog had done this {she NEVER tears up trash bags, folks! this is a first!} she was banished to the backyard again. I was trying to be nice and bring her in since it's cool and rainy. She doesn't want to be IN the house because someone terrorizes her, but she LOVES going into the garage and napping. Not until she's had a bath, I'm afraid!)

James also wanted to show you his fireman's hat (helmet?) from the visit with the firemen at school yesterday. He came home proud as a peacock of his hat.

On my to-do list? Finish birthday party decorations, work on party favors, dust, vacuum, clean kitchen, clean master bath. Isn't that exciting???

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