Friday, September 9, 2011

What's in a Name?

One of my first thoughts (note: not the first thought) upon leaving the doctor's office last week with the news that we're apparently starting a football team was that we had a girl name. Isn't that how it works? It went that way with James, too. James was going to be Sara Catherine. And then he was the-boy-with-no-name for a while. Not a long while, but a while. (Another note: Baby #2 was not going to be Sara Catherine. Just in case our pictures turn out to be incorrect {highly unlikely} that will not be our girl name this time around.)

I think this baby may be the-boy-with-no-name for a while. Like, maybe until the hospital long while. Ha!

Basically, what it amounts to is that no family names are really standing out to us OR the family names that are standing out to us are a little bit unusual and we just can't make them sound right in our heads. I have a list sitting next to me with five names on it and while we like all of them, nothing is just the for sure winner. We'll probably come back around to the list, but in the meantime we're just clueless.

We decided long before I was ever even pregnant with Baby #2 that we would keep the name a secret this time. I actually recommended that path to a friend and she really enjoyed having something that was a surprise. (I felt horrible having even mentioned it when she had to have an emergency c-section and then emergency surgery after delivery. I'm not sure how long it was before the name was told! Yikes!) But it's looking like it won't even matter whether we decide to share the name before his birth because I may need until February to come up with it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. :)

So...what else have we been up to this week? I haven't taken a single picture. I tried to snap a picture of James giving "Baby Brubber" one of his Target stickers the other day but he decided he was not in the mood for a photo shoot. Other than that, we've been undergoing a detox week. I'm not sure what is going on (he's sick, he's cutting molars, he was around grandparents for too long, etc., take your pick) but he has been clingy and cranky and a little mean this week. He KICKED me last night. He quickly regretted that move and we had a tearful conversation about how it's never okay to kick your mama (or anyone else!). He's also been "whiny" (to quote his teacher) at school this week. She said the whole class had been whiny. Can you imagine having SIX whiny one- and two-year-olds? Yuck.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the cooler weather we were blessed with this week. I even wore a light sweater two days! Poor James has no jeans so he was in shorts, but his body is like a little furnace so I don't think he even noticed. I was COLD sitting outside watching him play the other night (he was in sweatpants then). I know it's just a tease and will be back in the 90s soon, though.

I've tried two new recipes this week (YES! Food tastes good again...for the most part!) so I'll share those soon. But I haven't done a ton of real cooking, much to Eddie's dismay. I had a headache for the better part of the day and last night at 10:30 we decided we might should eat something.

This weekend we have big plans with a few of our friends who we haven't seen in FOREVER. I am so excited!

Just looking at our calendar I feel like we have something every weekend from now until Christmas. January will have to be a lazy, fix-everything-around-the-house-NOW month. (Lazy for me, apparently not for Eddie with my attitude towards fixing things. Yes, I have a long list.) It's crazy how October kicks in and there is no stopping or sitting down until New Year's Day - and not even then for my poor mama who has two children and a husband with birthdays in January. I'm glad we chose the less populated month of February. (Are y'all like that? Are there just months where it seems like there are 100 birthdays and months without any?) Grandmommie's birthday is in February, as well as a few friends, but that's it. (Now that I've been ugly to January I'll probably have this baby three weeks early.)

So that's it for us. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Anna Catherine said...

I had a dream a few nights ago that you named him Henry! I love that name actually!

The Guest Family said...

So being that friend you recommended it to.... I would do it again, despite all the drama. It was fun and it made it easy because we changed our minds a lot. I liked not being stuck to anything. For what it's worth we settled on a name in June and changed it the night before I checked in to the hospital. I'm glad we changed it. I couldn't imagine sb being named anything else!