Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Update...

This one will be quick since I shared on Saturday what we'd done on Friday night already! That's half the weekend gone!

On Saturday we headed out after lunch to run a few errands. We went through the carwash with James in the car for the first time and I would've taken pictures but my small camera's battery died. He was HILARIOUS. I was so worried he'd be scared but he thought it was the greatest thing ever and asked for "Mo!" (more).

After the carwash we went to Toys 'R Us to pick up something that Santa dropped off there for us to store in our attic until Christmas. (Did you know that's how he gets all those gifts in his sleigh? The parents help! Who knew!) James was a MONSTER there. He FLIPPED out about the Power Wheels and screamed like a banshee when we pulled him away. Power Wheels are going on the list but I'm not sure if Santa will bring one or not. Those bad boys are expensive!

We ran to WalMart (the world's greatest place on a Saturday) after TRU and James was a little better behaved. Our Sunday School class packed shoeboxes today for Operation Christmas Child so we had a few things to pick up.

Saturday night we stayed in and attempted to watch the FSU game. James, however, had different ideas for us and decided he didn't want to go to sleep until after 10:30. I think it was really the 4th quarter before Eddie watched much of it! James has been a tough cookie with the sleeping STILL. If you have ideas or recommendations, send them my way! I think he's just a bad sleeper, I don't really think it's anything we're doing or not doing.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday School. I already mentioned we were packing boxes today. I'm not sure how many boxes our church sends out, but there's an entire part of the ministry outreach devoted to Operation Christmas child. All of it is stored in an annex next to the church and people are allowed to stop in and pack boxes whenever they're able to. It's a big production! I didn't realize!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home with a boy who wouldn't nap. Lovely, huh? He fell asleep in the car and slept 30 minutes and then was good to go until about 6pm! He went to bed at 8:30 and I laid down with him for 15 minutes. He woke up (he was just sitting up in his sleep crying) a few minutes ago (I write these on Sunday nights) but he laid right back down.

We have another BUSY week. Who knew three people who aren't in school and only one who works could be so stinkin' busy? I do love it, though, because three of my five days are FULL and that means there's little time for whining and fussing and dirtying up the house! And the other two almost always fill up quickly! :) It's nice. Have a great week!

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