Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Brother - 17 Weeks

If you ask James his name he'll tell you it's "Ni." When he is referring to himself, though, he says, "Baby." If you ask him where "the baby" is he'll point to my tummy or his own tummy. Recently, he's said he has a baby and I have "Baby Brubber." :)

Size of the Baby: Onion

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +0.2 pounds

Maternity Clothes: For the most part, I’m in them…but only for comfort. Lots of dresses!

Gender: Another boy!

Movement: I don’t think so. Come on wiggles!

Cravings: I have less nausea than I did, but food still isn’t great. I am not a fan of meat (except pork chops sound ok) at all!

Symptoms: Still don’t like food. No more all-day nausea like before, but I cannot find ANYTHING that I really want to eat. I think I could happily be vegetarian this time around. Headaches galore!

Sleep: Still ok. I’m getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but I’ve been going back to sleep. I’m a tummy sleeper and I’ve really had to make an effort to stay on my side. I still sort of roll over on half my tummy but I’ve realized that’s not quite as comfy.

What I Miss: EATING NORMALLY. Cooking!

Best Moment This Week: Ultrasound pictures! They’re my favorites!

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Jenna said...

I love Ni AND Baby Brubber!!!!