Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Update...

We had a super low-key weekend. More feeling yucky, more being lazy. But I've been a super-cleaner tonight. Hopefully I'll keep up this "second wind" and will start to feel better!

We find out Wednesday whether we're having a boy or a girl and I am SO excited. Eddie will not be thrilled with this, but I keep seeing PRECIOUS smocked outfits on Zulily and thinking, if I just knew what we were having I could buy! :)

Thursday night was fun! We headed up to Macon (after a long, horrible afternoon of screaming instead of napping) to have dinner with our friend (and sometimes babysitter) Ashley. She's back in college after a summer of being a counselor at Epworth by the Sea. We had a great time catching up and hearing all of her funny stories. She's such a sweet girl!

Friday night we stayed home. Is there a pattern of that lately, or what?

Saturday I got up before both boys. Shocking, huh? We lazed around the house all. day. long. before finally getting dressed and heading out around 6pm. I was feeling terrible, but I thought we probably needed to go anyway. We set out on a mission to find something for James to wear for game days while it's still hot outside. He has two things for cold weather, but not for hot weather. (Welcome to the south where you have to have something to wear for game days, even if you're not actually attending the game!) We had no luck so we'll continue our search tomorrow. After our search I decided I could stomach O'Charley's (again...for about the fourth or fifth time in a month). As we were sitting there I started feeling worse and worse and worse. We finally just got the waitress to bring us boxes for the food we hadn't eaten (I'd taken about two bites...James was pitching a fit that we weren't letting him finish, though) and we left. I hate feeling miserable, but I hate it worse when I can't get away from the food that's making me feel miserable. I am not an I-love-being-pregnant person, although I am thankful for the process.

Today was a much better day! We went to church and Sunday School and I got all kinds of compliments on my new doesn't-really-fit-me-yet maternity dress. Then, after church, we went with some friends and their kids to eat at the restaurant across from the church. I was a little concerned I wouldn't do well because it always smells fried (and fried is not a friend right now), but I was fine! I got pork loin, macaroni and cheese, peas, and corn and shared with James. We both ate well and I didn't feel bad AT ALL. It was wonderful! I did take a lonnnng nap this afternoon and I've been fighting a headache all day, but I think I've done better!

We have another BUSY week ahead. I actually looked at my calendar today from now through October and we are busy almost every weekend from now until Halloween. How does that happen?!?! Busy is better than being bored, though!

Sorry there aren't any pictures...I could give you pictures of James screaming bloody murder during naptime or pictures of me with my head on my pillow, but that would be the extent of it! :) I hope to report next week that I'm feeling GREAT! 

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