Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update!

Well we had a fantastic weekend! It was busy and quick like it usually is, but it was packed full of fun!

On Friday morning James and I got started as soon as Eddie left for work. James had a little breakfast and I picked up the house and got a quick shower because we were having FUN company come over! My sweet cousin, Susana (James' babysitter), emailed me on Tuesday to tell me that Aunt Susie (her grandmother, my daddy's sister) wanted to visit! I was thrilled! We decided Friday would be our best day. James was excited about the prospect of new attention and I was just thrilled to see them both. Cacky joined us later in the morning, too, and we had fun laughing at James and visiting. I hope we have visits like that more often!

After Aunt Susie and Susana left, Cacky stayed because Poppy was coming through from Atlanta and wanted to eat dinner with us. James was even more excited that Poppy was coming. He loves all of his grandparents, but I don't know what it is about the MEN. He gets SO excited to hear that he'll be seeing Poppy, Papa, and Granddaddy! Poppy arrived around 5:30 and he and James had a big time playing while we waited on Eddie to get home (and then inspect a leak in our was bound to happen...we've not had any major home issues in a while!). We had dinner at Longhorn and enjoyed visiting there, too.

Silly boy playing with Cacky after his nap. Driving and talking on TWO phones!

On Saturday Eddie worked in the yard. I woke up not feeling great (which was sad because I really thought I'd turned a corner on all of this morning sickness stuff) so I did what I could but mostly just laid around. We had a pool party with our Sunday School class on Saturday afternoon and had the BEST time. James, of course, wanted to be right in the middle of the action. We are DEFINITELY doing swimming lessons next summer because I was a wreck trying to keep him away from the pool. He really thinks he's bigger than he is and that he knows how to swim. He only had to be rescued from the pool once. :) We had so much fun with our friends and it was nice to visit. We wound up staying way later than we anticipated, but fortunately James is a little social butterfly and couldn't care less if we're out past bedtime. He was just enjoying playing with Mary Charles! They're about 8 months apart but have really started playing together well. She's a little mama and SO precious! I'm hoping Mary Charles' mom will post the pictures that she took soon so I can steal a few.

Sunday morning we went to church but skipped Sunday School. It was promotion Sunday and the parents have a ceremony they have to go to. Because we're one of the only couples in our class without school-age kids, we just skipped. We got home, packed the car, and headed to Lake Blackshear for the day. More fun! James fished and splashed in the water and climbed up and down the stairs and drove the boat. He was exhausted by the time we left!


He loves to fish but his face in this picture tells exactly how he feels about being close to or touching the fish. He was brave enough to touch a tail twice. (I think they caught four fish.)

We got home from the lake with enough time for me to shower and get ready to head out and pick up a friend to go to the late showing of The Help. We met five other friends there. The movie was FANTASTIC. We laughed and cried through the whole thing. If you've not read the book, it is a MUST READ. It's phenomenal. The movie was fantastic as well, but you just get more detail from the book. Has anyone else seen it? My favorite character is Celia from Sugar Ditch. :) It's a must read and a must see! I kept thinking that I'd love to be able to show it when I'm teaching To Kill a Mockingbird and we're learning about Jim Crow laws. I was amazed the first time I taught it because the kids didn't really have a clue that those kinds of laws were in place. I think they're really two generations removed from it now. My parents remember segregation and integration but their parents were in school 15-20 years (and more!) after all of it. They'd learn about it from their grandparents. It would be a great movie to show!

The only bad part of our weekend is that James has had a cold. I fully expected all kinds of back-to-school illnesses so it's no surprise at all. He definitely acted like he felt bad yesterday (especially last night when we got home from the lake) but seems ok this morning. If only I can get rid of this runny nose before school tomorrow! He was so congested on Saturday night that I was up with him three times, I heard him crying but he put himself back to sleep twice, and Eddie got up with him at 5:15. He finally just put him in the bed with us but we were all awake for the day by then. I got so tickled at him because he would lean over to me in the bed and whisper, "Mama!" and then point to his nose to tell me he couldn't breathe. When Eddie got up to get a shower for church James followed him to the bathroom and asked to blow his nose. He's finally learned how which makes it MUCH easier on us. I hated that he felt so icky but it didn't stop him from enjoying himself yesterday!

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