Monday, August 1, 2011

{Lazy} Weekend Update...

What did we do this weekend? Not much! Even Eddie sat still on Saturday and actually took a nap! We stayed in on Friday night and got dinner to-go on Saturday night. Not much excitement around here!

On Saturday morning Eddie did do a little work outside and James cried the whole time he was out there. Finally and at last (we're talking maybe an hour later - but a long hour for the person listening to a child crying), Eddie came inside, showered, and took James to run some errands. "Man time." Know where they went? Hobby Lobby and The Party Store! Ha! NOT for me! Eddie needed camo wrapping paper for a UMM project at church so he and James braved the girly Hobby Lobby in an effort to find some. Unfortunately, they came away with nothing but had better luck with camo stuff at The Party Store. We wound up wrapping boxes (for a collection for soldiers in Afghanistan) in plastic camo tablecloths and it worked great.

James has just become so silly lately! He just cracks himself (and us) up all the time. One thing he loves is shoes. He wants to wear shoes all the time, even if they're not  right with his outfit or not his own. He walks around in Eddie's shoes all the time AND my shoes - especially heels. He thinks it's hysterical, Eddie does not. There is one pair in particular that we see pretty frequently. He loves his reindeer slippers. BUT they're his "horse riding" shoes. If they come out of the drawer, chances are he's going to ride his rocking horse. Exhibit A:

Here he's yelling "Yee-haw" or "He ha!" for you.

After he tired of riding the horse we played monkey in the middle with his Taggie football and he found that to be hysterical. Thanks for the entertainment, Libba!

Sunday we went to church and Sunday School. On the last Sunday of the month we eat breakfast. Delish! We go to the early service and then Sunday School so I always feel like the worst participant ever bringing my doughnuts in because they don't have to be hot. Oh well. There was a grits casserole there that I'm still thinking about!

The boys headed out Sunday afternoon for the Youth-led Worship Service at church. Eddie said they did a great job. I wasn't feeling great so I stayed home and watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Not a great use of my time, but Shark Week wasn't on yet. :) I did make a menu and a grocery list for what seems like the first time in FOREVER. I know everyone is proud. Maybe I'll get back on the cooking bandwagon and we can stop standing in front of the refrigerator at night wondering what we might make with a frozen bag of vegetables and a bottle of syrup. :)

Hope y'all had great weekends, too!

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