Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School!

My big man went to school today! I tried my best to take pictures before we left but he wasn't interested.

He's holding a sign that says "First Day of Preschool - 8*9*11" but he wanted to look at the words instead of showing them to me. They obviously didn't turn out.

Showing off his new lunchbox!

He would NOT look at me and when he actually did, this was the face I got.

He had a great day as far as I can tell. We arrived right at nine and he walked right on in. When we got to his room they had a baby gate in the door to prevent a crier from escaping. His teacher scooped him up and took his bags and whisked him into the classroom. He looked a little shell-shocked but didn't cry. I slipped down the hall and talked to a friend before leaving. I think I was there under five minutes.

I ran to Wal-Mart and then home to put catalogs into envelopes to mail out today. Eddie and I had lunch together (a date?!?) near his office and then we went to pick James up together. He was smiling and laughing when we got there and we were stopped by at least three other teachers who told us how funny he was. James has BIG personality if you've never been around him before. His teacher, Mrs. Sheila, turned music on and he danced and danced. I'm THRILLED that he had a good day but he's usually very adaptable so I wasn't that worried.

I am NOT good at doing my birthday pictures but this was too cute not to include. Please don't get your feelings hurt if I haven't done this for you! Today was YaYa's birthday! I think she turned 30. :)

We spent a little time outside tonight while Eddie grilled supper. It had POURED earlier so of course James was filthy (but it was COOLER!). Eddie let James smell the basil and I commented that Papa would try to eat James if he was there and could smell him. Mmm. Basil smells delicious!

Pretend like you don't see those weeds!

Eddie grilled pork chops and corn on the cob tonight. James enjoyed the corn but didn't like the pork chops. I got tickled at supper because Eddie garnished my plate with more basil. I said something about "rabbit food" and asked if they called the parsley (?) on the plates at Shoney's (hahahaha!) "rabbit food" like we did. He didn't even look up from his plate when he responded, "No, we just called it useless." Hahaha! Oh, it made me laugh.

Hope y'all had a great day as well!


Amy said...

yay for a great first day!! love his first day of school outfit, too! :)
when we do our "paper pictures" i just let libbi hold a blank piece of paper and then i add in the text after the fact when i edit it. otherwise it would NEVER work, because she would be all over it - ha! :)

Lauren said...

yay! glad his first day of school went well!