Monday, July 11, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend Update!

I have not one single picture for you of our fun weekend. Not one. I took my camera to Tifton and it sat on Mama's swing in her sunroom all weekend long. Oh well.

Friday I meant to post pictures of our "C" week. I got SO busy trying to get things ready for our trip to Tifton that I just totally ran out of time. I'll try to get that up tomorrow. We're not doing anything this week because we have VBS every morning. Today was FANTASTIC and when we got home at 2 I put James down and he slept almost 3 hours. Is this a taste of preschool in the fall?? If so, WOOHOO! Of course, I didn't get a single thing done because I was so wiped out that I fell asleep and woke up so groggy that I felt bad. Yuck!

Okay, back to Friday. We headed to Tifton as soon as Eddie got home from work and we got ready. Eddie's family was having a yardsale this weekend and Eddie wanted to be able to look at what was going in just in case we "needed" something. We came home with a few things (some expected, some unexpected) and enjoyed visiting with Grandmamma and Granddaddy on Friday night.

This trip, we stayed with Mom and Sonny. When we got there Friday it was already after supper time so we ate a little late. Anna and Lance were there to visit as well. I think we wound up staying up until around 11:30. James was wide awake! We put him in the crib in the same room we were staying in and I got so tickled because we had the bedside light on for a while and I told him to lay down and close his eyes. He laid so still and would squint his little eyes to "close" them! Ha! Silly boy!

It wound up being a lonnnng night. James has never been a good traveler and we honestly dread going out of town. I think he slept until around 2 and then he was up. I think that I got him to lay back down once and I rocked him once but I'm not 100% clear on that. I finally put him in the bed with us. He slept, we didn't. Eddie's alarm went off at 5 so that he could get up and go back over to his parents' to help with their yardsale. James stayed in the bed with me but he was awful. I think he was asleep but he would sit up and then flop over. I was a nervous wreck because the bed is almost waist-high off the hardwood floor. It wouldn't be fun if he fell out. We finally got up a little before 8.

James and I stayed at my mama's and played around the house all morning. He rode his tricycle, watered plants, looked for the fish in her fish pond and just had a great time. We were lazy, lazy lazy. When Eddie finished up at almost 2, Poppy and Cacky took James swimming while Eddie ate lunch and got a shower. James went back over to Grandmamma and Granddaddy's house to visit for a while and I got a shower and got my food ready for Dinner Club Saturday night.

We left around 6 to go to Cal and MaraDare's for a fish fry. It was SO fun to see my friends. I hadn't seen MaraDare since APRIL and Lori since MAY. It had been far too long. The Perrys and Amy weren't able to join us and we missed them. We had such a great time that we wound up staying at their house until 10. That wouldn't have been a big deal if we hadn't planned on driving home. On the way back to my mama's we calculated how long it would take us to pack our car, hook up the trailer we were pulling with furniture in it, and go pick up Scout at the Freshes' house and then make the hour+ trip home. We (I) decided it wouldn't be worth it to try to do that, especially since Eddie had gotten up so early and we hadn't slept well. We just decided we'd try to head out as early as we could the next morning.

James slept MUCH better on Saturday night. I think we got up with him once or twice but he stayed in the crib all night long. We got up, had breakfast, played, and packed and were able to leave a little before 10.

On Sunday afternoon I left the boys at home asleep while I went to help decorate for VBS. We have the cutest theme this year! I bet some of you other churches have done it as well. It's PandaMania where God is WILD about you! I think we're going to have a great time. Pray for us, though. Our children's director expected 66 kids as of last Thursday afternoon and we had 110 this morning. That's AWESOME because the VBS numbers have been down in our area this year, but we are LOW on adult volunteers. Thankfully, we have a great group of Youth who are fully capable of being "adults" themselves and they've really helped to fill in the gaps. I think it's still going to be fun!

This week will probably be our busiest this summer! We have VBS every day this week. I have book club at my house on Thursday night. I'm going to *try* to get a haircut and color this weekend. Our anniversary is next week so we've lined up my sweet baby cousin, Susana, to come play with James on Sunday so we can go on a date. Whew! Maybe it's not that bad, but it sure seems busy! At least it's all FUN things that we want to be doing!

I'll try to post our "C" week pictures and pictures of my two new pieces of furniture later this week. And I'll post pictures of VBS if I see some that I can snag off of Facebook! Y'all have a great week!

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