Wednesday, July 20, 2011

James at Twenty-One Months...

The past few months have gone by in a whirlwind. Every time I turn around James is doing something new or has learned a new word. Unbelievable!

27.4 lbs., 33.5 inches

They now vary based on the day of the week, how hard he's played, and what else we have going on. Some days he does take a nap at 10 and 2. Some days he merely has quiet time at 10 and 2. Then there are days where he only has the 2 o'clock nap.

Daily Schedule:
Wake up between 7:30-8:30. Breakfast from about 8 or so until 9 or so. He's a slowwww eater. A friend reminded me the other day that this is healthy! I let him watch TV while he has breakfast and I either check email, blog, etc., or unload the dishwasher and pick up a little bit. (It honestly depends on if I've gotten up before him or with him!) He eats either a waffle, fruit, yogurt, bagel, or cheese, or a combination of these foods. After breakfast, he plays for a little while, either in "baby jail" or following behind me. (If we have errands to run, this is the time we normally run them!) If he naps, he'll go down at 10. When he wakes up (if it's before Eddie gets home) we'll play or snuggle. (This week he helped me make the bed and then he "read.") Eddie comes home around 12:30 and we all eat lunch together. When he leaves to go back to work we play for a little while before naptime. He naps anywhere from 1-3 hours. When he wakes up he likes a snack. He almost always eat goldfish and has milk. Sometimes he'll eat another fruit. During his snack I get my loud chores done. I don't do anything that might wake him up during naptime because he's a high-maintenance sleeper and a grump if he wakes up before he wants to. He plays/I do chores until Eddie comes home around 6. (We also get a little "preschool" in here sometimes. We might do a little in the morning and a little more in the afternoon.) He and Eddie play until supper is ready. We eat dinner together and then the boys go to get James' bath. He loves his daddy to give him a bath! He points to the tub and says, "Daddy!" to me anytime we're in the bathroom. After bathtime we play, drink milk, read books, and spend time together until about 9pm.

Favorite Foods:
Chicken nuggets, Buddy Fruits, cheese, waffles, bagels, goldfish, Italian food, rice, baby food in general, applesauce, milk, cookies, water, macaroni and cheese. He's a *teeny* bit picky! Ha!

Favorite Toys:
His bathroom stool! Ha! He drags it all over the house. It's helpful for climbing and for sitting. The Sit 'N Spin. Blocks!

There's no way to keep up with all of his words now. Language is definitely his weakest area (he'd rather sign than speak and he WON'T try to speak if he knows {or can make up} a sign for a word) but he is saying new words every day! He is trying to repeat everything! He has a hard time with the "r," "s" or "c" (the sound for both "Sue" and "Celebrate"), the "sh" sound, and the "er" sound. That's just what I've been able to pick up on. He will not attempt to say anything that has that "s" sound at the beginning. If it's in the middle of a word, he's fine! (For instance, he won't say "Sue" or "Sassy" - he does call Anna {whom we refer to as Aunt Sassy} Tassy sometimes - but he WILL say Krissy - or "Tissy". Notice that the "s" sound stays in the middle of "Tassy" or "Tissy.") The "r" sound is something we're definitely familiar with. John had problems with "r" and "l" when he was little. I was "Wawen" for a long, long time. James says "Wow-ah" for "Shower." I secretly love it! :) He does still speak Chinese most often. I have to remind him all the time that I don't understand what "Uh uh uh" means and that he needs to use his words!

We're still in the midst of a tough age. I love to read blogs where the children are a few months older than James, so I knew from others that the 18-month age and on was going to be TOUGH. And it is. He is so particular and wants to do everything himself right now. For the most part, that's ok. He is learning all the time, though, and that's a lot of fun to watch! Here's the latest thing he's learned! My chore time is about to change!

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